KYC & AML Compliance - User Experience


Hello ETN Team,

I have a couple of suggestions for the KYC & AML process. I was able to complete Account Level 1 compliance with no problem but am left in the dark as to the status of my Account Level 2 compliance.
Here are my suggestions:

  1. Send an email notification(s) updating your ETN holders on the status of their application.
  2. Don’t allow ETN holders the ability to re-submit multiple “Account Level 2 - Identity Confirmation” forms. I’ve been able to complete and re-submit the Level 2 Identity Confirmation form multiple times. A good user experience would be an updated page in my back office stating that the form has been submitted and is under review. At a minimum, a message should appear when trying to re-submit the form that the application is under review.

Thank you for listening