KYC Account Levels


Hi I have now been approved for Level 2 and wondering if I need Level 3 approval. Will an average ETN user need to worry about level 3? There seems to be a vast difference between
Send Over €150 per 3 month period
Send Over €10,000 per 3 month period
does this just refer to sending ETN direct between people or is this also for when paying for goods? If it is for paying for goods then I can see that could go well over €150 in a 3 month period.
Also, can somebody confirm that level 3 is not required just for (say) sending ETN to an exchange for converting to BTC or fiat. If it is required for that, then again €150 is not much in level 2.


Please what to add on Tax Number im stuck there don’t know what number to add


I’m in the UK and used my National Insurance number and that passed. Don’t know what would be used in other countries.


If you passed the first two, there is no reason not to apply for the third level, which would give you total control.


Good point! I hadn’t thought of it like that.


I had also wondered what the limit applies to. Does it include exchange transfers?


here in algeria we havent number of TAX what i can put in this box help me boys ?


If you have an ID card, you can put your ID there.