Kucoin - Withdrawing ETN - Address Invalid


Hi everyone,

I’m trying to withdraw ETN from Kucoin to my ETN wallet and keep getting the message “The address is invalid” from Kucoin.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?

I’ve tried logging out and logging in again. I’ve cleared my browser’s cookies. I’ve re-entered my address about 10 times now, but I keep getting the same message.


Space in address? Make sure sending to etn wallet…it’s safe guard


Thank you. Just tried again making sure there were no spaces in the address and I still got the “address invalid” message, and it is my Electroneum wallet.


Estou com o mesmo problema



I assume you’ve tried to withdraw from kucoin and you get this:

Wallet remark can be any 1word name
Address = etnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Payment id = leave it blank


Ah! Yes, thank you! That worked. Looks like entering a Payment ID was the problem.

Thanks again :slight_smile: