Kucoin updated to 2.0, payment id is new, I can't send etn to KuCoin! please help me!

Kucoin updated to 2.0, payment id is new, I can’t send etn to KuCoin! please help me!

use liquid.com instead

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All addresses and payment IDs are different on Kucoin 2.0

I recall reading a thread yesterday after Kucoin went live that the ETN team was made aware of the payment ID issue and are working to resolve it. I would not necessarily recommend this, but if you are determined to get your coins on Kucoin you could always send it to another exchange temporarily and then send them to Kucoin from there. Just don’t use Liquid as they take up to 24 hours to send due to their cold storage system.

The CLI works without issue as well if you send coins to a CLI wallet and then send them to Kucoin from there. I sent coins from a CLI wallet yesterday with no issue.

Here’s the command to use on the CLI to send coins:

transfer (Kucoin ETN Address) (amount) (Kucoin payment ID)

If you want to send all the coins from the CLI wallet, replace “transfer” with “sweep_all”

NorthEastTexasTechnologies Youtube/Bittube channel has a series of CLI videos if you wish to learn more about it.


Thank you very much !

I just chatted online with Kucoin support - they are working with ETN to resolve the payment ID issues. They don’t expect too much time to pass to get if fixed.

Also Liquid is doing upgrades to speed up the processing of withdrawals from the cold storage so this will not be much of a problem after April. Deposits are very fast I have noticed. The delay getting out is not too bad as its nice to know funds are safe in cold wallets. I did one on the weekend so had to wait 2-3 days, but in week days its been 12-24 hours to get the funds. This will be much faster soon though.


fast withdrawal will pay, slow ones will perhaps be free

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I have the same problem but with withdrawal. Is anyone from the team ETN aware of this issue?

Yeah I have also been waiting for a day now…since I tried withdrawing from my kucoin account to my personal wallet and it hasn’t gone through. Also I cannot get access to my etn on kucoin so just am waiting now


My friend do a withdrawal and fill payment id with same details that he have if he do deposit. So he use same payment id provided by kucoin. But 1st try with small amounts… If it’s OK :slight_smile:

for sending etn in kucoin I solved this way: the payment ID was 16 digits so I added after the 16 digits many zeros to get to 64 digits. so I did not go wrong and I received the ETNs in kucoin. Added 48 zeros. Solved


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I transferred 1,000 ETN from Kucoin to my ETN app wallet by using the payment ID that shows when you select “deposit” then select ETN. Copy and paste and use it when withdrawing. It worked for me and the ETN hit my app wallet about 30 minutes later.

my resolution is for sending from the etn app to kucoin.

Received in my wallet. Solved.

I can’t withdraw my etn. It is stuck now somewhere in the blockchain :frowning:

Please contact KuCoin support

withdraw problem?..i try to withdraw 100 etn from kucoin to etn online wallet…until now did not receive. Blockchain okay…

How long have you waited, it can take a few hours?

3 days I waited from kucoin to electroneum wallet. Much prefer the old version of kucoin.
Stopped using it now and use liquid instead. Much better I think and love the cold storage they provide.

The longest I have waited was 1 1/4hrs and the fastest transaction time was 5 mins. Transactions running into days must be few and far between.