KuCoin Down for maintenance Feb 18th

24hr Notice: KuCoin Platform 2.0 Upgrade Scheduled at 08:00 AM (UTC+8) 18 Feb 2019

Dear KuCoin Users,

Since day one, KuCoin has continuously looked to innovate the exchange in order to provide you with a much more secure and efficient trading platform, along with a smoother and better trading experience.

The new Platform 2.0 will support more order types, while providing more efficient, stable, brand new APIs trading, along with other new services.

On February 18, 2019, at approximately 08:00 AM (UTC+8), KuCoin will be performing a system upgrade for Platform 2.0. The upgrade process is expected to last around 14 hours.

During the upgrade, KuCoin account holders will be unable to trade, access their wallets, or gain access to any features on the platform.

All funds will remain safe and unaffected throughout the entirety of the upgrade and will not be at risk at any point throughout the update. No orders will be executed during the upgrade process. All pending orders will be kept (regardless of price movements) and resume once the Platform 2.0 is online.

Since the 2.0 upgrade process is expected to last around 14 hours, to avoid the impact of market fluctuations, KuCoin will reserve a 30-minute period for canceling pending orders after the upgrade is completed. The order acceptance will be suspended during this period.

We kindly ask all users to review market performance trends and make a decision on whether to cancel your pending orders right before the upgrade.

Since Kucoin has the most Volume for ETN, do you Think this would hurt the Price if one of the announcements is made on Monday?

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I was on the verge of posting this myself. It will be interesting to see what happens as those huge sell walls on kucoin come down for 14 hours. But you have a very good question…maybe the team will hold off on the announcement until Tuesday IF they planned on a Monday announcement.

No matter what, anyone with a sell order may want to take it down before the window starts in the event the price spikes and your orders execute upon the window closing with a much higher price than your sell order was set at.


Not sure if the announcement was going to be Monday. Richard mention making an announcement a week before WMC, to allow staff to handle issues that may come up.

Yes, Tuesday might be better if that was the plan. Since Kucoin holds the most volume, i’m afraid it may slow any potential price spike.


Yeah what exchange will volume move to in Kucoins absence. Liquid, Sistemkoin…

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I’ve got accounts at both liquid (aka Quoine) and hitbtc


Yes, I would think Liquid would pick up some of the Volume.