Know your Customer issues in developing nations


My question is this I for example in a developing countries (Nigeria) do not have the only option indicate in yoti for fully verification for kyc which is passport but the confirmation of emails phone and pictures and voice recognition has been verified and I’m willing to be verified if other means can come up like I’d cause I’m interested to do my kyc fully and I have above etn what more than 50 Euro and I’m not ready to sell for now I purposely invest in this project for future purpose and the most challenging aspect of it is that the issue of offline Wallet I’m not use with it and I don’t own a personal computer…please they should consider options of I’d card to developing nations the issue of passport is some how expensive and rigid in having one…an average citizens in developing nations owns national identity card thank you


Wait for details to be released next week for further information… if there are any regions which Yoti is not live with yet i’m sure the team will make other arrangements. Don’t worry.