(KISS) keep it simple stupid


I’m not tech savvy at all, I have a basic knowledge and understanding of the way all this stuff works. When it comes to mobile my ability to interact has increased tenfold, however I still need to be reassured that trust and security are paramount in this day and age. Even then its difficult to keep up with this ever evolving space.
Then Electroneum appears and paves a pathway for the people and not the powers. I have to engage this revolutionary platform because it allows me to walk straight through an open door, on the other side is a whole new world of oppertunity which is “simple and easy to use” in fact if I had thought of designing a platform such as ETN its concept would have evolved from this very ideal.
As a yacht builder, I built Stienlager 2 a ketch 84 foot maxi for the Whitbread round the world race in 1989. Sir Peter Blake not only skippered this yacht but he thought about how he could create a rocket ship with sails, all the designs were similar and Peter had to think outside the box.
So, instead of getting the best 12 men in the world to sail his yacht he custom designed the engine “deck layout” to suit the individual sailing abilities of the crew who sailed the boat (users) in effect his crew were so familiar with this yacht it sailed like a dream and won every leg of the Whitbread, this feat has never been matched.
Keep it simple stupid (KISS) is working for me with ETN, I get it, I like it, it doesn’t matter weather it works for anyone else. I don’t need to be a genius to know where Electroneum is going.


You have a way of turning 200 words into a picture.
Thanks for your analogy.
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Word !



Well said. I am tech savvy and my motto, even in the world of complexity, is KISS. The more complex something is the harder it is to troubleshoot and fix issues and for the end user to understand why their product isn’t working (essentially causing FUD)