#KingOfTheAlts Competition on Twitter [by John Dough - Crypto Musician]

Just noticed a tweet by crypto musician called John Dough hosting a competition for “King of The Alts” on Twitter.

[ #KingOfTheAlts competition announcement tweet ]

Round 1 starts this week …
ETN is on the second round
Have fun voting :zap::muscle:t3:

ETN versus VERGE…it would be very hard to beat… and he have a lot of ECA fans in follows… so if we beat verge we couldnt win… or can we??
Who will join my ETN army of #electronians? who havent twitter please create we need more power there …


We can do it :muscle:t3:
#ETN_Army :zap:

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I’m there what’s your handle

Ditto for me too @chefmyklove

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