Keep your ETN save ! Secure your Funds

Hi today they boomed cryptopia up so be careful alot of people Lost there funds Screenshot_20190115-193049

Darn it. I lost my life.

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Sorry for that but hopefully you got your funds .just an advise don’t keep any coin in any exchange it’s risky .

The whole point to exchanges is to trade. If you don’t trade don’t leave them there. If you do trade there is always a risk but some exchanges are better than others so look around for one that has insurance etc. Crypto is still new so there are risks - do your own assessment before you start so if things go south you don’t feel bad about it.


Absolutely right :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

I only had a little bit there… the rest of mine is in my Electroneum Wallet…

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I have all the ETN coins in Cryptopia, I can not believe it is so lost …:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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hopefully you get your funds soon .

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So, if your money is in a trade, will it also be gone then?

i guess that is true >

Just wait and see what happens. I think people will be able to get their coins back.We don’t know if there is any insurance yet. Cryptopia is a very poorly managed exchange. They will be badly affected by this even if they don’t declare bankruptcy no one will want to use them again. I think we will be waiting a while - some of the other exchanges that got hacked took a while to get things sorted out. I think its only ETH though or ERC 20 so the rest should be ok

I used the time to get my kucoin KYC done and liquid accounts 2fa reset and ready for use again. If we lost our etn on cryptopia that’s life but we never have to use cryptopia again either. Anyway just wait for them do their dumb investigation. If the attack was external I don’t see them ever solving it - we just want them to free up our coins to get out.

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