Keep Buying and Buying and Buying


While ETN still cheap , Keep on buying . Let the weak hand/fudders/haters keep on selling . When almost Etn coin on the right/strong investor/community/believer . Then we are almost there . And when the projects done then you know what’s going happen . Long Term Projects


I hope you are right because there are a many project that do not sleep, they keep working as well to win.
I myself have a lot of ETN and only ETN but do not have the same attitude as rest of you sorry but would be nice to see some real progress and not only putting all on faith.


Theres no need sorry , every person have a different way . Keep on holding then .


O yes I will until it collapse to the very last day, for example today I have just bought over 21.000ETN, maybe not a big number but I’m buying when price is low, especially now before BTC is going up, then I have 11K Cryptonight minig rig that give me 30.000Etn on average every month, so my wallet is constantly growing, I hope some day this will pay off.


Risky but well worth the risk! Some diversification is always a good idea though.


Yes it’s easy to say, but if you want to play well with limited amount of means you have to put all chances on one card ?


As long as you can afford to lose it all, no problemo.


Of course you should not invest more than one can afford, but still I feel like I was in crazy gambling addiction unless some real product is put in live so we would not have to risk, but now I feel like crazy gambler.


There are no weak hands !!
These are the stupid ASIC miners who are selling day for day millions of coins !!
With them no higher prices are possible


Might want to do some research on your statement as I currently have 50 Asic miners mining ETN and not selling any coins. So not every Asic miner is dumping. The price dump is not due to Asic miners but due to the bear market!


Maybe not every asic miner,but most of them…many of invested people bought at 2,5 or maybe 15 cents…do you think that are the same who sell millions of coins at 0.5 cent??


Mining only accounts for about 9 million coins a day and we trade at times well over 100 million coins a day so it is safe to safe that it is people dumping more than likely at very big losses.


It’s really too bad that ETN had to launch during a crypto bubble. So many eager early investors got slammed and are getting shaken out just when things are about to get good . . .


If there was never a bubble they would have never been able to raise the 40 million dollars during the ICO, can you imagine trying to start a ICO today? It is all good as everyone should be just fine unless they sold, and if they did that is on them and not on Electroneum.


That’s a good point, M-Kid. Having the seed money was critical. It just adds a few years to one’s life to ride these waves . . .