KaiOs should not be ignored!

KaiOs is a Linux mobile os similar to android who powers cheap phones. KaiOs is number 2 mobile system in India after Android with about 50 million users worldwide and expected to get to over 100 million users at the end of this year.
KaiOS has partnered with Airfind, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Bullitt, Doro, HMD Global(Nokia), Micromax, NXP, Spreadtrum, Qualcomm, Jio, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
According to Counterpoint Research, almost 23 million KaiOS-powered devices shipped in Q1 2018.

The team should make an app for the KaiOs similar to our mobile miner since KaiOs targets the poorest people of the world similar to what etn team is targeting.

Damm good idea…:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


That sounds really promising. The more people Electroneum can reach and support, the better. Good point.

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This is interesting, could be useful in the future.

From a marketing point of view, KaiOs is a gold nugget.
The usual price for a KaiOs phone is around 15-20$( Jio Phone for example) and the most expensive one is around 40$.
These people made an effort to buy this phone.
So if I asked you to target the poorest people from a country who are also interested in technology you as a marketing company will have a hard time figuring how to do this.
For these people a small sum of money is important and with the expected launch of Gig.guru we need them and they need us.
Is a win-win situation for everybody.


Hi @s7ryker this is very much on our radar :-). Thanks for the input it’s greatly appreciated.


I voted this topic. As other said, this could be the breakthrough electroneum is waiting for. Targeting directly that share of the market that needs etn the most: the unbaked with cheap phones ;D

New KaiOS phone released in Indonesia for only 7 USD !!


Developer docs: https://developer.kaiostech.com/

An official secure Electroneum App for KaiOS would be amazing - talk about inclusion! 3 smartphones can cloud mine the earnings to buy this phone in less than 1 month!

A family with friends could go tohheter and mine a few extra phones like these to have when they go to market and buy stuff!


Wow great idea and suggestion :slight_smile:

I really hope the team see this and have some ideas because the reach of people is pretty huge. Do these phones have any limitations that could be a problem?

it would be possible to create a mini.electroneum.com variation of my.electroneum. With just the absolute basics and adjusted for these small screens and key navigations.

Then just have sofisticated redirect that opens this for KaiOs and other simple mobile OS like this.

This a brilliant suggestion. I hope the team consider this if they have the resources.

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I would like to bump this one - if it was forgotten :wink:

and also share @Anthony link that he shared on Twitter:

Red Cross boosts disaster-prone communities with blockchain 'cash’
The technology allows slum-dwellers and rural villagers with simple mobile phones to effectively create their own local currencies to bootstrap development

Read more: http://news.trust.org/item/20191126123058-xtxvz/

If feature phones would be supported with some kind of simple ETN wallet that would be very very interesting for the mass adoption phase.

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Can you use libhybris on KaiOs to run Android apps like Sailfish OS does?

I am not a developer this deep so I do not know - but I suspect its quite different from the old Meego, Maemo, Mer and newer Sailfish and WebOS things. KaiOS dev doc site: https://developer.kaiostech.com/introduction/architecture - its very HTML5 focused. So what I am guessing is that it has a few similarities with Samsungs mobile operating system Tizen https://www.tizen.org/

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Interesting fintech article about Africa - that mentions KaiOS

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