Just wanted to drop in and say Hi! My experience so far and seeking help

Hey guys, Rob here.

Well i got my email today!

I registered as my idea was to upgrade my dad’s automotive repair business to accept electroneum.

However ive hit 3 issues that will prevent me taking part unfortunately UPDATE: All issued anwserd and am now a listed ETN vendor. Please read on. useful info contained.

  1. The spend limit is €50, this is too low for us, repair bills for cars often run in the hundreds to thousands of GBP per transaction.

  2. when I’d try to add the business as an outlet, it says entering a web address is mandatory. His business isn’t online so he doesn’t have a web address for me to enter so can’t add it as an outlet.

  3. I went for a look on how to add electroneum payments to his business but I don’t understand it at all? I’m an engineer not a bachelor in computer programming. :wink: so, he has a card payment machine linked up to the web at his business and he has computers and high speed fibre connection. We even mine with an ASIC at his business! Not sure which option could be used for his business to be instant payment ETN enabled using the technology he already has?

Cheers, Rob

  1. The €50 limit is only for beta purposes. It will probably be lifted later.

  2. Check that you’ve unticked the box that says “Can users spend ETN through your website” and ticked the one that says “Can users spend ETN in person at your address”

  3. As far as I know, this beta round is only for vendors who want to integrate the API with their businesses programmatically by coding either a web interface or a POS integration interface for card machines. Once the beta is lifted, your dad should be able to use his Electroneum app and get instant payments directly on there. I think the team is purposefully only allowing API vendors access to limit the amount of new vendors to a small few that they can work with during the beta.


Thank you very much! Your reply and answers are much appreciated and helpful.

Hopefully it can help others too, who come here to have a read.

Exciting times to know it’s 1000 people the beta has been sent out to!
Will just have to wait personally to get it implemented at his business but can’t wait to begin hearing what other people do with this!


Big update!
I actually found out my dad’s business does indeed have a website! So I’ve manages to proceed and full add the business to the vendor list including His business logo etc! He is now fully included :slight_smile: we going to look at getting logos printed up and “We accept ETN Here!” logos and stuff.
I’ve got now an API key and Secret Key.

Maby someone wants to help out on how to implement this or what method we can use to start accepting this.

He has one of those POS card machines with black n white digital display, hooked up to the web and accepts card payments of all types. Does the current beta include this and if so how do I proceed?



Like I said, this round is only for API integrated vendors. So you’ll either need to find a programmed website integration or a programmed POS card machine integration. If you can’t program these yourself you need to wait for someone to do it and share it with the world so others can use it too.

The API key and secret will be used when you have one of those two integrations running.

I’m currently busy with a Woocommerce plugin if you are running a Wordpress website by any chance.


Nicely done! @ETNCEO isn’t there a sticker pack available on this? Or is this future marketing stuff?


Ahh Yeah I understand what you are saying. The world of payments and integration isn’t one I am familiar with yet! However I’ll no doubt get these now that it has become relevant to me. I’ll keep an eye on this space to keep up with updates and hopefully get something implemented. At least now he can request amounts via the app and get customers to pay him instantly!

Am not using WordPress unfortunately but I’m excited to see what you come up with! All is tremendous progress towards the future of ETN AND the ecosystem we all will help create. Good work mate! Hopefully there are 1000 more like you and will help ETN go global.

also, @ETNCEO If you have a link to a sticker pack or logos and ETN accepted here stuff it would be brilliant! My Dad’s business is the top repair workshop for one of the busiest central towns of the Scottish Borders with high traffic flow past the door. He has been an ETN supporter with me from before the ICO AND is fully on-board to get ETN accepted and advertise the brand.


Hi Rob,

Just a quick note to confirm @benjaminoo’s responses:

  1. €50 is for the Beta period, this will increase substantially, or be removed entirely, as the project develops
  2. The URL should be optional, this will be amended in our next update
  3. The Beta release is intended for developers to integrate this into existing payment gateways or to create their own. We’re only a few hours into the release but we’re confident that plugins for existing frameworks will be developed by the community.

Don’t forget that all users have access to instant payment notification through the app to know that a user-to-user transaction has been sent (“Vendor Payment, Step 3, Option 2” of the API Guide).

It sounds like the community posts have helped you already, but I hope this confirms a few things.


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Thanks for confirming that Egg!

The limit will be fine for now hopefully should work for testing! be great when it’s unrestricted though but need to see it in action first! Be great when a big chunk of these vendors become active!

The web link seems to be mandatory at the moment I tried different things but luckily I found out my dad had a website already so was able to go ahead :slight_smile:

Yes be good to see some software get developed to make deeper integration possible but for now we can make use of the app to receive payments from potential customers! I’ll also be offering my services to my dad if he has customers who want to pay in ETN I’ll be teaching them how to do it and pointing them im the right direction to get set up :slight_smile:

Would be good though if there were some resources so we could get some ETN branding placed around the business, on the road wall (so passing cars can see the ETN logo) and on the door etc?

You’re welcome Rob!

Our existing brand assets are available at https://electroneum.com/brand-assets/. However, we hope to be adding to this with vendor specific materials. As you are a vendor, we should be in touch with you when this is updated.

Exciting times! :slight_smile:


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Ooh nice one. Will look at getting some of that stuff printed out and laminated at work to then put up around the business! The app having instant payment implemented and the ability to generate a QR code for amount requested is really great! :slight_smile:

ooooh yes it really is exciting times indeed that’s for sure!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Here is a quick and dirty sticker I made in May when I was selling some stuff at a swap meet.


Its small but I printed it on some good paper and stuck it in a photo frame, I did not sell anything with ETN but it started some conversations.

Good Luck!


Nice one cheers! :slight_smile: looks good.