“Just tip one person” in Electroneum campaign 🍕


Quoted from Aironeous from the ℂℝ𝕐ℙ𝕋𝕆 𝕋ℝ𝕀𝔸𝕃 𝔸𝕋 𝕊𝕋𝔸ℝ𝔹𝕌ℂ𝕂𝕊🍮 thread, An Idea good enough for it’s own thread.

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“Just tip one person” Campaign is officially a go, here’s my first tip going out on a delivered Tikka Lamb Korma Curry :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We don’t have to all become salesman or do anything to put uncomfortable pressure on business owners or become technically skilled in coding. We can just each one of us do one small thing to increase the rate of mass adoption.

This is where I want to make a gif from the justice league movie where the flash is asking Batman what to do and he answers “Save one. Save one person.” Get in, get out, just save one. Then you’ll know what to do."

But cut the audio and subtitle it with. Tip one. Tip one person in ETN. Get in, get out, just tip one. Then you’ll know what to do.
I can’t make gifs so I’ll use this one for now.


We can each one of us do our own small part by asking our waiter, bus driver, food delivery driver, donut shop worker, barista, hair stylist, bartender, Uber or Lyft driver - anyone that works at a job where they receive tips just ask them if you can tip them in Electroneum and if they ask “what’s that?” have a simple answer - something like, “it’s like Venmo but it’s cryptocurrency and they give you a little bit free everyday. See? I have X amount and it’s worth X fiat”

I think this idea deserves its own separate thread where people can show and/or report that they tipped in Electroneum.

The concept is if people/customers consider it money and employees consider it money, what is there left to sell the business owner on? Very little because it’s money.
But this all starts with yourself. Do you consider it money? I just realized I got a hair cut Thursday and I gave her a $4 cash tip instead of Electroneum so I screwed up.
So I have to ask myself why didn’t I tip her in Electroneum?

  1. I was in a rush and didn’t think of it.
  2. I have a psychological barrier that says “NO NO NO Don’t give any of your investment away!”
  3. I don’t like pressuring people or acting like a salesman

There has to be other people out there like me so I propose we do this. To do something to increase the value of your investment either buy $100 worth of Electroneum right now and use that just for tips for the next month or just realize that it really is worth it to give a tiny amount of your investment away as a tip one time and it will increase the value of your investment because that person will tell another person and that person will tell another person and so on.
So it comes back to. Just tip one person. If all of us just tipped one person in Electroneum it would increase the value of our investment.

CRYPTOCOFFE Trial @ Starbucks 🍮
CRYPTOCOFFE Trial @ Starbucks 🍮

I’ll be tipping in ETN now whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Also, does anyone know a pizza place anywhere in the world that accepts ETN for pizza? I’m going to order pizza to a random address.


Heck, is there one near you Aironeous? Lemme order you a pizza to go!


In the US - Figaro’s


Papa Johns left my small city. All that is left is Dominoes and my roommate works there so I just have to ask her to bring home pizza.



I could imagine like printing out an $5 electroneum paper wallet with instructions and friendly “Id like to invest in your future” note on the back. Put some links, coinmarketcap etc


Its a good idea to tip people in Electroneum @PilchardMoores and @Aironeous not only will they get to know it then for the first time probably it will also be a nice advertising method because then they will tell their friends and family etc etc :thinking:


NOW THAT! That is genius! No pressure on them installing the app right there on the doorstep when they likely want to get on with their day.

that idea, my man… IS A KEEPER!


I have worked in the industry and everything goes in the pockets while youre busy. At the end of the shift when theyre all hanging out and smoking he/she will pull it out read it and definitely show their coworkers. Then spouse family etc… The fact that they can pull up on their phone real quick and see the value rise and fall will really get them thinking.


Load that pdf as an image into paint and put the instructions notes etc in the top right corner in white font. That would be perfect!


Not a bad Idea… Still would be nice to have a side 2 though, and that little corner, really big enough for the instructions you think?

Oh and there’s a bit of ETN in that wallet for anyone who want’s to swipe it :wink:


Something like this… just rotate it 180 degrees and put whatever message you want. After that put it in the printer upside down and print out the full explanation with links and whatnot.


Quite good, quite good! With a bit of work that would be great. Just Need to quickly edit each paper wallet individually. As each wallet is unique with it’s codes. You can’t just edit then print out a whole bunch.


Side 2 could use a clear white area, to write how much Fiat is loaded on it…

This cryptocurrency wallet holds ( blank ) Electroneum that is worth ( Blank ) of value.

And you’d write for example 250 in the first area and £5 in the second blank area, or whatever you loaded on…


Here’s an Idea of what needs printing on the reverse of the Wallets, I will add the relevant Images above each section of text from Edited screengrabs from an Android emulator later on.


Alright, here’s what I knocked together in paint, and will be printing on the back of the paper wallet tips for now, until someone makes something better.

Might have to mess around to get the full 1280x902 version to download as this site “optimizes images” you might have to click on it to get it to show the full version then right click and save that.

Should be easy enough to print with it set to fill the page as it is A4 proportioned.

Went through a few phone numbers testing these instructions to make sure they were accurate and clear enough for newbies, what do you think?


I’m not sure you can print the word Venmo without violating copyright, you might want to check. I know I can say it in a conversation which is why I suggested it but I’m not sure if you can print it. I’m also not sure if it would be considered fair use.


This is just for anyone who wants to tip people with paper wallets.

Also very easy for anyone to just edit out the line above “CryptoCurrency” for phones if worried.

Somehow I don’t think it’s a problem.


Here ya go, whadya think?

Use whichever you like for your Paper wallet tips :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: