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There may be other competition in this space targeting the unbanked. But lets remember in this day and age actions speak louder than words.
ETN has shown it can roll with the punches and leave the dogs behind to fight over the scraps they are using to promote value without any consideration given to the community’s that have breathed life into them.

ETH is a great example of how social anxiety is effecting a huge leader in this space from showing leadership, yes they may not be a currency like ETN, but they have “SMART CONTRACTS” and the largest community in crypto sitting dormant behind their blockchain, in my opinion this ignorance offers more oppertunity for the creation of scam ico’s through the platform than future wealth creation for its investers, devs and tech can only do so much before their hard work today becomes old school practically overnight. It is also becoming abundantly clear the world is in a financial crisis. Don’t be fooled by the US dollar, its sits atop quicksand and soon it will sink into a depression that will destroy fiats bad reputation for good, the banks and the government are in the process of designing new fiat currencies linked to their own blockchains.
(Check out JP Morgans digital currency scam)
Why? because these rich listers live to collude and keep you and I in subservient poverty.
Soon they will start to drown in 21 trillion dollars of their own worthless, printed debt and as soon as this happens they will temporarily release their grip on the cryptocurrency markets allowing the transition from fiat to digital fiat.

Fact is ETN is perfectly positioned to seize this oppertunity and provide a more viable option for the masses. In my opinion people the world over will turn away from the thievery of lying, and currupt banks.

“Who needs em”, not me, you see 12 months ago I opened my own bank, it offered me an awesome ROI if I simply gave my loyalty and joined over the mobile phone, lol I didn’t even have to leave my armchair. I’ve got this vault (Offline paper wallet CLI wallet) made of paper it’s hacker proof and cannot be broken into because there is only one key and I hold it. :old_key::ok_hand:
I have the most transparent CEO on the planet running my bank from the other side of the world and whenever we get in touch he’s SUPER EXCITED!!.

You’d love this gentleman he’s amazing, he can practically sell ice to the Eskimos in a phone call “digitally”.
He contacts us online every week or so to inform me of progress, I love this guy, by the way his name is Richard Ells.

last week Richard mentioned I had a mobile phone/crypto bank and then he said it was also a Fintech.
I thought by saying FINTECH Richard ment he had sharks with fricken lazerbeams attached to their heads, to my relief he explained the idea really well so not to confuse me, then added we could have a stake in


No word of a lie, I was so startled I looked down and to my suprise my cat
Crystal, (Breed - Short Haired British) had jumped onto my lap purring and I had started to bite the little finger nail of my right hand, palm facing out. Muhah Mooohahahah

Listen everyone, this bank of mine has so much potential because you own it as well its your mobile phone, it doesn’t charge massive fees or offer loans and credit then put you in serous debt. It’s paying me in something Richard called the enablement currency, this appears in my mobile phone and the currency comes via procurement through a simulation mining application,

So… I make REAL MONEY through a SIMULATION which is not real?
“Thats unreal!”

Now I’m thinking someone is trying to be a smartarse, but yeah, nah… this CEO is "fairdinkum":bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:, Richard is on the ball and now my bank balance in the digital world holds more value than my bank balance holding fake money in the real world.
“lol how ironic”

In Summary I want to thank Richard Ells and Chris Gorman, Chris your an inspirational leader and your work is often unseen in the mechanisms of this remarkable ETN machine. The whole team at Electroneum HQ is off the planet extraordinary. Thank you Imogen Dale for this awesome social media platform and to all the admin team, also a personal thank you to M Systems for teaching me faith and trust in the system, it’s reassuring to know that all the moderators are here to watch our backs. And finally’ Ruby who looks after the whole ETN team on behalf of the community. Ruby you really are our diamond with a “ruff”

Last of all I implore you as the person reading this, to think about the very real oppertunity you have as an individual to link arms with me In this message of reassurance, if you aren’t already in this community and wish to change the world in a way that will effect lives forever’ remember what I wrote here and If someone offers you a hand and is willing to help you aboard the ETN bandwagon, hold on tight and jump aboard because in reality this bandwagon is a rocketship destined for the moon and beyond.



Good Read :slight_smile:


Thank you for your kind words. What an amazing read, it is great to hear members of our community can see what others can not. Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will. I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value. Electroneum was for me, you and many others the opportunity of a life time. Even today it is still early enough for others to get in, they simply choose not to, few years from now the same individuals will tell you – you just got lucky.

I must admit reading Dom’s story few days ago was inspirational to say the least.

I am looking forward to reading your story, and perhaps I will write my own in due time as I had been thinking about it for a while.

Keep up the good work Ladies and Gents and stay the course, it will not be long before it is all eyes on ETN.

p.s. have a look @ETNCEO @chris.gorman @ImogenD @Rachel :bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


I’d love to read that story!


Very good read…Excellent !..Nicely put together and i agree totally…:+1::+1:


Great read and fun, thanks! Really enjoying the new forum. Loving the positivity as is deserved for ETN and the team(s). :muscle::muscle:


Wow ! Thank you so much for sharing this I am personally humbled by your kind words. It is the support of our wonderful community that pushes us harder to achieve greatness for the electroneum family.
Many thanks


Fantastic read! We have all had our journeys to make those decisions that have brought us to ETN one way or another. I firmly believe that all of us regardless of investment amount right now are in the very big WIN column.

In a short couple of years, ETN will be mass adopted and way farther ahead then where it is today. This will be due to an amazing vision being executed with laser focus by Richard and the team. The one element I wanted to touch on was the power of one and how the community will also help launch ETN into super stardom.

It is hard not to read any of @M-kid’s post without getting really excited and so many others in the community. If you think of us similar to the foot soldiers going out and sharing the word of ETN with the world we become stronger as a community and as that strength grows so to do our numbers swell. In this, it is a wonderful circle that benefits by more members coming on board and for the right reasons! More good will and more appreciation for the community itself.

I started in the I.C.O. stage and knew I was on to something grand. I am on this ride regardless of where we go and really enjoy and appreciate everything the E.T.N. founder and team and this community do! We will all grow and prosper together and that is truly awesome!!!


Just Wow! Don’t know what else to say


A lot of thought a lot of respect and a lot of love went into that article.
Its straight up, you tell it how it is…
Onwards and upwards!


We need articles like this! awesome :))


That is awesome to hear my friend hang around, I don’t think your on your own, if you ever feel that way’ know we’ve got your back.


This is the best read I have had all day. I tell everyone that will listen to me the exact same thing about the future of money and ETN.