Just launched our very own merchandise shop! ETN accepted!


Congrats, but I’m gonna wait until some time before I will start buying


Well it turns out the print is the right way around after all!

Thank you for the pic (via Telegram) @DaSonixier! :pray::+1::+1:


I would like to have an option to sort products by ascending and descending price, also could you explain the high prices? Otherwise awesome site :smile: :+1:


Hi: the price sorting option has been temporarily removed until we establish why it caused a “404 page not found” error for some people. The prices unfortunately have to do with the “ship on demand” setup–in other words, basically because of the relatively low level of demand, we can’t (yet?) preorder products at wholesale prices, etc. Hope that makes sense/answers your question! :pray:t2:


@Peter_DIR It does! Thanks a lot for the clarification :+1:. Wish you all the best with your store :smile:.