Just launched our very own merchandise shop! ETN accepted!


YES!! — and thank you for posting the pic!!!


Just got 2 out of 4 merch articles. It really is high quality. :+1:


Hi. Nice store you got there! :slight_smile:
I have just a recommendation, a kinda small one.
On the basket page, there isn’t an X button to remove all the items or a singular item from the basket. Actually, this is a good thing, as people have to buy them, yes or yes. Hahaha!

From what I saw, the only thing you can do to remove an item from the basket is to press until the quantity reaches 0 and then update the basket. Which is a bit too intricate.

Other than that, everything else is nice.
And the diversity is quite incredible, I would want to see a girl in that ETN swimsuit. I think I would fall for her on the spot!


Glad you’ve got these already—great to see the pics, too! Might just have to tweet them : ) (And could I have a chair like that, too?? :rofl::+1::+1:) BTW, you order got sent in two halves as apparently mugs need to be packaged differently—so I am told. Checked tracking for the second half and that should be with you soon, too!



Yes, you are right—the usual “X” to delete items got removed: Even when squeezed as small as possible, it still took up too much screen to have that extra column (esp. on mobiles). But will rethink it again!

…and no other comment to make about your other comments, apart from ‘yes, that would be perfectly understandable…’ :wink::rofl:


Sure, tweet them. :slight_smile:
The chair’s name is ‘Noblechairs Epic’.


Right, I shall start saving up…! :sweat_smile:


https://twitter.com/ETN_Academy/status/1052228058156032001 @DaSonixier @RSKNOR :pray::pray:


Thank for the feedback again—put it back (until we change our mind again!) :joy:


Ok, that’s more like it!


Looks nice, though the printing doesn’t seem that good.


It looks nice enough, I believe you have to see it at least from a couple of meters in order to catch the real feel.


Hi, would you mind letting me know please (here or in a PM) what seems to be the issue… Would like to know + perhaps take it up with the fulfilment company depending on what it is! :pray::pray:


Am also puzzled about the logo being the wrong way… :thinking:

It should be like this:


@Peter_DIR We need more products presented by the swimsuit girl. :+1:


Yes, it seems it’s printed the wrong way :thinking:


Image might be flipped I hope?


If you look into the mirror, the image will be fine. :rofl:


Honestly?! :joy:


OMG, I wouldn’t joke about that! :smiley: