Just launched our very own merchandise shop! ETN accepted!



Today we're lauching our very own merchandise shop!
Come and have a look! ❤️ https://t.co/MlKrrBENYo ❤️
...and shop away! 😉

ETN ACCEPTED!!!#cryptocurrency Go #electroneum! @electroneum pic.twitter.com/OgcVfG0Vrm

— ETN Academy (@ETN_Academy) October 5, 2018


Nice Wordpress theme, Well done Peter I like what you’ve done with it.
Gonna get myself a mug I think.


:+1: Please do! Someone on Twitter has already complained about the price of mugs: so I had to explain about our actual profit on there: so am looking forward to our first £1.26 profit!! :joy: :pray:


Just have done (Transaction ID: 5JD84061916940043 ) :smile:
It will make a nice addition to my desk.

The whole process was simple secure & very slick. I received my invoice straight after on return.
ETN was an option but I keep my ETN else where and not on my wallet at the moment so used my paypal.
I’m gonna load up my wallet & buy something else with ETN & compare the process to paypal.

Well done, good job.

I can see how much it is to buy a printed mug on ebay, You’re not making much there.

I’m off to wait by the door for the postman now :wink:


Thank you and am pleased (and somewhat relieved :wink:) to report that everything happened on our end as expected, too! So all good, and the order has also already been successfully (automatically) passed over to the supplier!

Feel free to PM me down the line with any questions/comments and thank you again!


Hey no problem, you’ve done a great job.

I’m going to post up on Twitter my experience.

Thanks again


Just had our first purchase with ETN!! Yipee!! :pray::+1::+1:


Excellent News !


IT.FEELS.VERY.GOOD!! :innocent:


and so you should do :wink:

Happy Days!


Tweeted link , good luck with the business


Thank you! :+1::+1: As long as it helps to cover some costs!!


Bought a coffee mug, can’t wait to show it off at work :grin:


And I’ve just spotted a typo in that email :scream: Thank you x2!! :+1::+1:


Amazing work well done


thank you! More coming soon ; )


Waiting on my merchandise order. Will send pics when it’s there :slight_smile:


when mug? :rofl::sweat_smile:

(edit) can’t wait for tuesday :heart_eyes:

(update) Arrived to day, home-delivery :heart: :coffee:


Nice! :+1::ok_hand: Looks really good.


Just put up an online Chat functionality so that we can better look after our visitors!! : )