Just block them?


Is there a way to block people yet? Trolls are beginning to show up and this is the one place I dont want to see them hijacking our threads and spreading FUD on ETN as im heavily invested.


The moderators are most likely watching each thread and may spot them in time.
At the rate the discussions are taking place on the forum, it is a bit hard to follow everything, I guess.


I’m sure youre right about that. Im not too angry about it, overall, because this is a sign of progress. The attention, and sabotage, that comes with success is unavoidable. Yet, I wish I had the option to ignore them. On youtube I can block and simply not watch the videos of the likes of con artists such as Trevon James. This forum should institute something similar.


Hey @Ds2vet do you have an example?
We can’t have this forum turning into that badly managed facebook group…


Yes, a block feature should be fine.


How about a Block & Report



Go look at this thread, skip to the very end and look what its devolving into. Theres already been a few attempts to FUD in that thread. (Youd have to scroll well back to find the most recent FUD attempt.)


ah ok I see what you mean…
A Block would be handy & maybe on their profile it will show how many people have blocked them.


Thats a great idea! Lol maybe we should repost this in the ideas and recommendations tab. A block tracker or, better yet, BADGE on their profiles would definitely shame people into better forum etiquette. For those who cant stop hijacking threads or FUDing their own investments.


Good thinking batman as moderators can find themselves wasting a lot of time running after these unsavoury types


And each week a most blocked and reported top should be posted.


Exactly. Just set it on autopilot and award trolls a badge when they are blocked by more than 5 or 10 people. Simple.


Haha sounds effective


ha ha brilliant idea!


Yes! We could make it a competition to sort of push back against all the community FUD. What better way than to expose them? Who would try after it is well known that they will be branded. Some of the people trolling ETN on twitter/youtube would stop if we had people calling them out on their behavior? At the end of the day, something should be done. I think everyone knows, no matter how new to crypto, that FUD hurts investments. In our case, ETN needs all the positive press/confidence we can get. I think whoever is running the Electroneum twitter account recently figured that out.


They couldn’t do anything regarding those ETH giveaway scammers, because not even Twitter can. Regarding the FUDers, that is for weak minded people, if they fall for that crap.
It is the same as in any other industry, and the automotive is the best example. FUD all over the place, even though it has no base in it. Companies make false statements towards competitors, in order to redirect their clients and the same companies make false publicity regarding their own products, just to pump up the sales.


3 dots on the bottom of the topic , flag them and report.
I agree with a block and report feature . But the obvious solution is more moderating … I’ve asked and they say they have enough people .

So just flag it up … And walk away lol

Unfortunately us Human’s have this thing where we can’t keep our noses out. Keyboard warriors have this problem in abundance , hence why this planets population are all going mad.

Hope the mods agree and hand over some of the power …
Ban I say BAN …

Have a great day :grin:


Thank you. It looks like admins have already gone in the thread to clean it up.




Or even better have a sin bin they are placed in for a week so they can all fud off to their hearts content