Just a stupid question about the price of ETN


I’ve been thinking about some price predicitions and I could be wrong but what if ETN exceeds 1$ at some point how would it possible to pay for 0.01$ in the future since ETN only has 2 decimals.

Could really be a stupid question… I don’t know :wink:


I agree with u its really stupid question.
May i know what can u buy for 0.01 ?

Fees would be more .l


what if ETN is 10$. 0.01ETN would be 10 cents…


I have wondered if the two decimals could hinder us in anyway, for example this is purely as an example if one coin was worth $100 and someone wanted to pay $0.70 for something the smallest amount they would be able to send would be 0.1 which would be $1. Not sure if this has ever been talked about before or addressed but I also had a similar though to what you are saying.


we will cross the bridge when we get there… but when that time comes they just need to fork and add decimals… that would be possible


The 2 decimal places works very well when we have a price of $1 or less, if and when we hit a price over $1 they can easily change the decimal place to .001, or .0001, or .00001. That way the smallest unit would fall into that 1 penny range to make sure you are not over or underpaying for items when you spend your ETN. It is a simple fix than can be done and it not necessary until we hit well over $1 per ETN.