Just a random thought if ETN forked a new coin


What if ETN forked to create a new coin, the ico could help fund a cloud storage. Could call the new coin Electroneum cloud, it could be asic resistant bringing back gpu/cpu miners and help the roll-out of the new fpga units. Once we have a solid amount of gpu/cpu and fpga on board ETN can go anti asic and ETN cloud can go asic friendly


My thread somewhat touches on this maybe you will find it interesting as well? I’d appreciate your feedback as you are somewhat thinking along the same lines in some aspects.


And distract them from their current workload? I think I’d like to have them stay the course. It’s hard enough promoting one crypto :slight_smile:


Very interesting thought though but personally I believe gpu mining will be a thing of the past in 5 years imo @CRYPTO-CAVEMAN but I like the idea of cloud storage


Not to mention, that’s easier said than done. It would take up significant development resources.


That is very true @Satsukeshi on both points.


Once everything is operational with Electroneum it would have built a strong reputation, running an ico for a new coin would bring In a large amount of capital like it did for the record breaking ico they ran last year. The capital raised from a new ico could fund the building of a new cloud storage facility. Once cloud storage facility is complete it will bring in a large amount of revenue offering cloud storage contracts, they could invest the revenue in expansion (build new cloud storage facilities), invest in the development of D-apps etc.


the capital from an ico would allow them to expand, new employees! Blockchain is one of the hottest topics for people to study nowadays, employ new staff fresh out of uni who are up to date with current trends to take on new projects. Take a look at blockstream and the rate at which they’re expanding is phenomenal


This sort of thing would be well over a decade away from where they are right now. It’s just not feasible at this point in time for them… But hey, crazy things do happen.


I mean, don’t get me wrong, the team is fantastic. But they are really going at doing a particular thing, really really really well. They want to be a leader in their space, and to do that, you can’t afford to be working on other things on the side. I looks bad to investors and partners, who may consider it a sign of indecisiveness.


Yeah it’s a great idea there’s pro’s and con’s as there is to anything, asic are certainly causing issues your post prompted me to post my idea that I’ve had. Yeah if there’s holders that can jump on board would be Sweet


Once fpga mining equipment become mainstream the will still be a place for gpu/cpu miners


I’ve looked at fpga before and it is a great tech. I believe a new tech will be coming out of mining this year better than asic also. Companies are just starting to battle over better tech in mining it should be interesting!


It’s still early days where the electroneum team is building the foundations of the ETN ecosystem. We don’t want them getting sidetracked by a fork.