July Inflation Needs to Be Explained in Detail

July Inflation Needs to Be Explained in Detail for everyone to understand
please put out an in depth article together and post the link on the website

It has been talked about in a couple of threads and by Richard in interview but yeah it would be nice to make the information more public so people can understand. This event could impact the price quite a bit if there are less coins being sold by the NGO’s.


I’m sure more details will be released once the update is officially announced (plus source code pushed to GH).

Basically, the current plan according to recent posts by the team (please note: as with any upgrade, they will be subject to change all the way up until release)… is a reduction of the current block rewards from over 1550 etn/block down to ~400 per block. This is a reduction from 4% to ~1%.

So that’s <290k etn/day instead of over 1million for block rewards with my napkin math. I cant discuss price, but those are the changes.

Now, Rich has previously stated they have a target of 2% overall inflation moving forward…as this new block reward only makes up 1%…that means they will have 1% capacity for promotions / marketing to attract new ACTIVE users and partnerships.

So keep an eye out for details once the update is ready.


hopefully scarcity will cause the price to go up so the NGO’s still have an income


Thank you that all sounds good

If you would like to read more on the upcoming event, there is a new post on our newsroom


Just watched the explorer tick over to V9 Looks good - curious to see if there is any price action as a result.

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