Joytel Video Update


Check out this fantastic video from Richard, where he recaps the awesome first twelve months of Electroneum, and introduces the very exciting Joytel trial in Hong Kong and South Korea.

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wooooow its amazing rich you are fantastic leader !!! soon we will see true mass adoption by etn!!!


A weary nice guy wrote this in another thread :sunglasses:


Great update guys thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Yeah just what we wanted to hear!


Huge news, this really is a massive venture that is targeted and concise. The trial is a great start and will blow up in the coming months :smile: … patience guys


good job keep moving ETN :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


First small partnerships…


It may look small, but it got a potential beyond reason


also it good chance for them too, to gain more costumers by inovation payments in their field!!!