Joytel ETN Payment Trial


Friday newsflash! We are thrilled to announce that the first of our early MVNO Agreements is progressing to the live trial stage.

Joytel (one of the most innovative MVNOs in Asia and an early ETN-MVNO partner) are trialling #ETN payment acceptance for customers in Hong Kong and South Korea.

Exciting times!

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 2!

Fantastic! Keep up the great work!


Exciting news eager to know when it will be going fully live


This just made my day.


What is thier position in the telecom market anyone know? I’m in the USA so are they the Verizon of telecoms over there or the Boost Mobile , TMobile type?


This is the first great Ad for the birthday. Congrats ETN staff


Absolutely awesome! Very exciting news indeed. Congratulations to all of you at Electroneum. :grin:


its huge news!!! conguraltions people!!!


Way to go ETN! Knowing this was done a while ago I am sure much more news is awaiting us. Fantastic job!!!


And so it begins…


Does anyone have any stats on jotyel?


“Joytel is a mobile virtual network operator(MVNO) in China, which sells cost-effective prepaid SIM plan. Established in 2005 Shanghai, its primary mission is to provide travelers an economical telecommunication solution. It has established branches in Korea and Hong Kong.”

They have 2million users


Thanks Danny - That’s great news !


This is the actual start. From plan to real use. Milestone in crypto in fact.


Absoloodle - Incredibly exciting that there is a working (test) product in the market, unsure why there is so little fanfare around it, seems to have been dropped in between tweets/announcements of no value.


Because the crypto nerds HATE Etn. They will sit in the dark corner, believe that privacy and black money is what the world will Adopt. And that the man on the street thinks about tech and words they dont fucking understand. People want easyness. They dont give a fuck about nerds and the old princips of crypto. Hahahaha​:smile::smile:


Such great news, this literally moves us now from a coin to a company. I thought Turkey was going to be the first place after hearing about SystemKoin. But being in Asia is amazing. As they love tech so hopefully will embrace etn.


Brilliant news, a step in the right direction, well done team ETN


Real great news for the ETN community that has kept faith

#20 a little advice for the ones that are saying that wasn’t a good idea