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Will post about fun, bets, food, waffle and marketing…
So, im onto marketing ETN in the club, so im thinking of doing some coming thursdays with Etn bonus, because, we got over 300members, that play when they got time during a month. I made attention last time with 500 draw and 500 for my head. So if i can continue, more will be interested when they come. Not everybody read on the face page,. But i cannot donate everytime.
If there is interest of a community donate, many small etn can make a ok bonus.
Then i can continue with a bonus, for the player with Etn mobile wallet that gets best place. If i win, it goes for jackpot.
Winner pic is always posted on our Fb page.


seems good we are waiting:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think it’s a great Idea. I’m happy to gift a few ETN each time for the marketing cause, of course one day when they’re worth a hundred million billion each I won’t gift any…but for the time being I’m happy to donate, spread the word my good man. Have you linked this to the other thread? I’m having a busy day.


Sounds like a great idea. :grinning:


Invited a few people over. There’s some … posts in the Fight thread, to be honest I’m struggling to not be drawn into a war of words. Anyone fancy a small prize for fun? 10 ETN for the person to guess which two main ingredients I will add to my vegetarian balti tonight. Not the main sauce (i.e. onions etc,) the actual dish: for example Carrots and Pineapple. I’ll monitor the thread later and award the massive sum of ETN to the winner! Time to go and get ingredients and more importantly BEER!


…and yes I know pineapple is a fruit! :crazy_face:


Yeah, read the posting of closet fudders.
Im limited so i cannot answer. Maybe @MSystem can answer why i appear new,?
Anyway, i Predictet that they will appear on consolidating/down trading. They are like plague. Nothing new. Their job is to spread negativ sentiment, as they do trade in bear or quiet times. They are gone as ghosts in bull, because then you have volume to trade anyway, so you dont need to manipulate.
How Veggie is your salad? Tuna and squash.


This night i’ll read. Thanx Jok


I don’t eat fish or meat. It’s a curry, so guess on.


I like this… keep it up


I cannot imagine being the sort of person that spends their time just bumming people out for no particular reason, ok they may make a little profit but …me why spend your time being an …? This is a revelation to me. People actually spend their energy on being d…s? Well, what a waste of time…and time will tell.


Great idea please keep me informed!


Man, how can u manage on strictly rabbit food​:smile:, i would be looking on my neighbours like a werewolf. Guess u are thin then, or u take back the calories on the beer?:smile:
Well, Hmm, cucumber and mango?
(Pic, last autumn cabintrip, atlantic straight out, next stop Iceland


Looks stunning! Great picture.


Carrots apple and turnip


These are poor guesses, just google Saag Aloo for an amazing 10, yes 10 ETN! You’ll be able to buy at least a carrot with it in a few years!


Spinach and potato…


Your address please sir! One carrot of ETN incoming!


You can double your next challenge with my winnings but thankyou.just winning was enough of a thrill for me!
Also my first guess are real ingredients of vegetarian balti.


So this is a new standard of measurement for ETN…?
Ten ETN to the carat?