Join Electra in the fight agains Cryptopia

Hi All,

Many community members have been hit by Cryptopia disaster, The news gets worse with the day and it starts to look like that many people will lose their coins.

The electra ceo is fighting for its community:

Please join them and work together!!!

@Richard ells
Please watch and learn!!! Many people in your community are losing serious money because of this. The only reason i was on that exchange was because of etn. Wish you could step up a bit more. The sillence we get from Electronieum is sad…

Electroneum are not responsible for how you hold your coins buddy. A good exchange with COLD STORAGE is a nice way not to lose your coins. I don’t think it’s helpful to try to apportion blame to Richard for your mistakes. All the information you need is all over this forum…and the ETN wallet is also a great place to keep coins. Paper wallets easily available from ETN are even better. I feel for you if you have lost out…but to be blunt, you are responsible for your own investment. One love.


I agree it has absolutely nothing to do with etn.

The very first thing i learned never leave all your crypto on an exchange. Paper wallets are the best ( atm )

Liquid and huobi have cold storage.



…but Etn Coins are not affected from the hack and they are not Lost!

That’s a big difference!

You know that people also trade etn right?? Could also happen to you when you try to cash out your profits…

Not when my coins are in cold storage, Ok, granted the exchange has gone into liquidation…but the root cause of that is that they got hacked as coins were not in cold storage. I get peoples anger, however it is misdirected in this instance. I wish you all the best.

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ETN coins are affected by the hack in so much as the exchange was hacked and sadly is now out of business. It’s very unfortunate. Sorry if you have coins that will be take a long time to (hopefully,) recover.


I’m okay, have the most of my coins safe on paper wallets.
Lost a little bit from buying the last dips, but two friends i’m involded to etn wrote me that the have much more coins on the exchange…

Dont want to be a smart a*s now, but the first day i logged into cryptopia i didnt like it. There was something that was turning me away from using it. As soon as we got on KuCoin i left it. Thanks god for this decision.

Feel bad for the ones involved in this and hope for the best end

You are missing the point. The ETN team should help out in any way possible. Other Crypto teams are helping their communities by building legal teams and sending letters to the liquidators. If Richard and his team care for the ETN community he will give this a serious look and do something… if he doesn’t then I was very wrong for supporting him since ICO

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Signed it thanks for sharing here

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No problems

Hope it gets somewhere…


Dear rechard! We had a lot of electroneum in cryptopia exchange… what they are doing now is Wrong…
1- They open up deposit withdrawals for BTC,LTC,DOGE
2- They said for non-hacked coins ‘‘Coin 100% secured , we are creating New hot wallets’’
3- They set all people mind to Cryptopia will open again !
4- suddenly now a liquidation ?
5-There was 170M etn sell orders in the last day i access cryptopia 13 may! With Millions of Holding it must be more than 350M - 400M including my self couple of Millions !

‘‘electra foundation is ready to take legal actions for that’’

Electra foundation also like If other projects support !
Messages available in this telegram group !

‘‘Cryptopia Hacked’’

I hope #richard will Help us ! we are ICO investors !

mate electroneum wasnt hacked ok? we know its not electroneum team fault but since electroneum wasnt hacked electroneum team can take legal actions like ‘‘electra team doing’’ come on !

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yea were talking about liquidation here!! not a hack! cant see ells touching this one, how do u explain to partners and potential partners an exchange was hacked and hundreds of millions of ETN is going down the drain. unfortunately i think we are on our own. Some people have no idea, traders like me dont have a choice but to keep coins on an exchange. I will loose 600k ETN, im under no illusion, its gone. Liquidators will dump all our coins!

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electra foundation , T pay , Linda fighiting for their communities … we asking Electroneum team help… :slight_smile: THE COINS WASNT HACKED… we dont contact cryptopia becuase they never ever reply… :slight_smile: try to understand mate… there is 4-5% ETN of circulation in cryptopia all coins secured … if our coins was hacked…yes we cant ask for our coins… as its all secured … we need Richard attention for this … Thanks

First rule never keep your coin on exchange , yeah thats right . Richard have more thing to do than fixing something that never was his fault . Yet i still think Richard need to do something to show that He really care for his community and investor . But if he didn’t he still right , not his fault at all .

richard wont do anything. he is smart enough to know its a PR nightmare.

Even if the team did do anything, it would be nothing but lip service. Their hands are tied, they did not cause this, they have no means by which to fight it. Better to keep a distance from that disaster and focus on the project IMO. I feel for you folks that lost big, but there is nothing to be done about it by the team.