John McAfee warns against HitBTC in the strongest terms possible and talks regulation!



He also talks about regulation as being designed to control you and not to protect you ultimately !!


McAfee is a complete, or he should be a complete irrelevant in the crypto space. Always big brash claims to draw your attention. Don’t be drawn in by him.

People pay him too much unwarranted attention, something he depends upon to give meaning to his existence.

Watch the Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee, movie that was originally Netflix, but you can find it in lots of places.

When you’re done watching it - ask why would anyone pay any attention to this disgusting has-been. Pay particular attention to what his “paid girlfriends” (very definite air quotes there) said about him.

McAfee’s behaviour is far too vile to utter here.

HitBTC like all exchanges may have major misgivings, but McAfee is not someone I would ever take advice from.


Having said all of that HitBTC has had majior issues , the ones he mentions about them taking crazy amount of fees for even small withdrawals , ive experienced that myself . McAfees points are not unfounded ,

lawyers started litigation with HitBTC, which is rated 7th among all the crypto exchanges. The following letter before action was sent to the official email addresses and official Hong Kong office address. HitBTC didn’t provided any updates on listing deadlines and haven’t refunded the 527.01 ETH

heres a letter from those lawyers to HitBTC


Like I say, I don’t doubt this or any other exchange having serious issues.

But let’s not feed the McAfee troll.


Not to mention the complaints on reddit which are too numerous to even mention just go their yourself and see ,heres a tiny sample


im not feeding any McAfee Troll , i didnt talk about him or his celebrity status or him as a character i focused on him talking about HitBTC !!

And its not any other exchange having issues , its HitBTC who have had the most complaints from consumers out of any of the top 10 exchanges do your research


Just like McAfee would, you immediately sensationalised your thread by putting his name first in the title to get attention.

McAfee intends creating his own crypto, he is hardly the most impartial or unbiased person in the world.


anyway it seems your not interested in looking at what im saying your more interested in just focusing on pushing your views out without understanding anything i have tried to convey even after i told you im not using mcafee character , and also showing you evidence regarding Hitbtc that has nothing to do with McAfee , the reddit and the legal paper i posted are NOT McAfee related you seem to keep avoiding the subject matter but rather deflect and talk about his character , really just regrettable


By the way you dont know if i put his name up to get attention ! Thats you assuming , i put it up because he has been an influencer in the crypto sphere , now thats where you get to debate that or not but no doubt he has had an impact on highlighting crypto as an emancipating power for good. And i put it up because people will take notice regarding HitBTC. Seriously


you’re = you are
your = belonging to you
I think you had their and they’re confused too in a previous post.

Anyway, I think you could have made your point without McAfee and people would have been less disinterested.

Did you also throw away your smart phone as per McAfee shooting his mouth about how we are all being monitored by the government?

Stay away from those XXX sites too…

I imagine you definitely heed all his advice?

I haven’t derailed your HitBTC point (haven’t even tried to), the fact is, no one is interested when you dress it up in McAfee shi*e talk.

My point is McAfee is a crypto cancer and people should pay him no attention.


im afraid thats your opinion and thats all thanks for that , everyones entitled to their opinion even if its not shared by everyone , we respect that in the ETN community cheers :slight_smile: !


Don’t believe everything you see on TV! Sure he’s an interesting character but he has everyones interest at heart being a libertarian and he’s ultimately pro decentralisation and anti regulation, there’s a post on reddit where he does an AMA I wouldn’t judge him before you get to know the real John Mcafee


That’s the problem… too many people see him as some kind of Robin Hood, selflessly saving us all from our own ignorance. And it is ignorance that gains him an audience.

He is an irrelevant and his only interest is personal gain and self promotion with his almost messianic like mad-man proclamations to anyone whose interest will be tweeked by outrageous claims, which usually quickly diverge into nonsensical rants.

Like a stopped clock he is correct sometimes - but anyone holding this deviant in high regard… what to say.

Anyway, I’ve made my point several times now.


Many have complained about Hitbtc stealing their money. It does seem very dodgy but I think most exchanges are very dodgy and keeping large amounts of money on them is a big mistake. I think many have learnt that the hard way.