Japanese trusted Crypto resources


Native to Japan? Let us know who your trusted Crypto resources are?


Well I wouldn’t call this a place for advice buy BitFlyer is huge in Japan. They offer an exchange and many others trust them when they bring new crypto’s in. I would love to see ETN used throughout Japan. We already have Cryto ATM’s and many electronic stores accept AliPay and BTC.


I personally use Reddit in English and think there seldom are trusted Crypto resources in Japanese language… We don’t care about cryptocurrency because everyone is not using or knowing it. But I think a major company rather than a small person moves our heart so yes BitFlyer is good. Crypto Watch is another one I think because it is one of a number of news sites driven by a major publisher named Impress.


Domestic major exchange
In principle, approval by the Financial Services Agency is required for listing approval on the exchange


Hi folks,

Thanks for all your feedback so far!

Just to clarify, we really want to know:

  • the crypto news sites you read every day
  • the crypto news sites you read every week
  • the crypto blogs you read
  • the crypto influencer videos you watch

We really appreciate the help you’ve given us already and would love to know if you have any more thoughts and insights.


This is a Japanese website which i use to get information in Japanese.
It not only has news about crypto, but also other tech news and sorts.
Might be a great choice to put an ad for ETN here!

This might not be the place to say this but, I really hope Liquid releases purchasing ETN for Japanese citizens soon…


I read articles on virtual currency at COINPOST.