It's there a long way to go?


Is there a long way to go as in which exchange should Electroneum to be listed on because I think with these exchanges it’s enough for significant positive change in etn to happen


the more exchanges the better for when the demand increases.


We gotta remember that ETN has no use-case (yet). Their system that is in development & under beta-testing along with big partnerships aren’t in full swing yet. Technically, at the moment, ETN is just a coin to trade back and forth while 7 million of mined ETN per day are being dumped on the exchanges along with millions more of ETN that was cheaply acquired by day-traders dumping those on the exchanges as well. (and who know if any malicious anti-ETN attacks on pricing are taking place along with all of that).

So yes, with the exchanges, it should be enough for positive happenings. But in the future, if ETN’s ecosystem is successful, you’re going to be hearing a BIG SOUND all day & night. And that BIG SOUND is going to continue every day non-stop. And what will that BIG SOUND be??..…a BIG LOUD POWERFUL SUCKING sound of ETN being bought up off the exchanges!! Then it fugazi time.


Really? And why won’t the exchanges list Electroneum


Alright this makes sense


Having memories of Ross Perot


It cost millions to list on bigger exchanges, Electroneum is a fork of monero and not Ethereum. and no demand yet. Once ETN starts marketing, starts releasing their instant payment processor and all the deals are green light. we will be in a good place. Impatient people think all these things will happen within a year, clearly they never experienced how actual business works


Ross Perot Yep, I am all ears!


Exchanges aren’t always our friend, just because it’s listed on an exchange does not mean price will go up… it’s another place to dump as well as another place to buy!

But it’s all extra exposure i suppose.

The important thing is to get the coins OUT THERE. To the real world users who won’t care much about exchanges because they would rather keep it and use it.

Then, IF that happens, we can say goodbye to the tail wagging the dog, and pumpers and dumpers manipulating the price.

It’s a big ask, but they have a chance and I think they are right to concentrate on the real world use rather than wasting money listening to the “WHEN BINANCE” chorus.


Wow this make sense a lot it’s a matter of using the coin than when this and that


Well, there’s a certain amount of wishful thinking because we just don’t know the effect on a crypto of having more coins in the hands of users than in the hands of investors… so it’s really uncharted waters.

Of course people do use BTC (and a few others) for real world purposes. but never in a big enough way that it can control the price.

Maybe someone here is an economist and can suggest how quantity of users can stabilise a price and stop it being a pump and dump toy for just a small minority of weirdos.

Notice, I said “stabilise” (with some steady growth), rather than push to insane heights… I think that’s more important than unsustainable peaks.


Well for ETN to be stable we need to have enough users say 10million because there’s billion of ETN and also they have to create a sound environment


@TruthfulRob has nailed it! A lot of people do not realize you do not just get posted on an exchange. You have to pitch to the exchange your coin, pay a load of dough, they then get to screen you to see if you make the cut. Think of it like cities bidding on the Olympics. A lot of them will put forward a lot of money. Most will not get selected. That is the way of it! It is also a time consuming process. As it is a fork of Monero and we are still waiting for the utility of the coin to kick in to higher gear we will not see significant results for a while. I suggest completely forgetting for now the day to day price and focus on what the team is accomplishing. That will then lead to future entrenchment in the culture via mass adoption, then we will see the prices start to soar!


Once mass adoption has enough people utilizing the coin for every day purchases the the strength of the coin will grow and prosper. This stability that you speak of will absolutely happen once enough people in the culture are supporting the use of the coin. Until then a very few select wealthy people known as (sharks) can at will change the course of life expectancy of any coin by pumping and dumping. That will also be a way of life until enough users stabilize the product!


Study what arbitrage is all about. People that are observant will in fact make money even if the price of the coin is low. It’s in understanding how to move it around to be advantageous for you. If you are doing day to day trading. If you are not then who cares what the price is, sit on it till it moons out! If it doesn’t moon but is still higher then what you bought it for then you still win!