It's starting . .


Did you lock in some ETN at 84 or 85 sats? The party is starting . . .

And even if you didn’t . . . let’s celebrate the rise together!


sure did.:sunglasses:


Well done, beeeeeeeeeeep


picked up 235k of ETN at 80 sats a few weeks ago.
woke up the next morning and saw it drop down to 75 sats and was kicking my self, but loving the rise now.
HODL lads :sunglasses:


Taken a year to build the solutions from ICO. Now bearing fruits. Look forward to going to market from Oct onwards building mass adoption with strategic partners (deals with 103 million potential so far, others [and bigger] in pipeline) :slight_smile: Takes time but can be fast too.


2019 here we come!!!




TOP6 possition in gaining per day on 2nd page at CMC and we are now at NICE 104 possition from over 1900+ cryptocurrencies… Could not wait till iOs app get live and BIG marketing campaign starts… I wish that we have better marketing than TRON and go to TOP30 in 1 or 2 years…


Yeah I am going to keep topping up before all the marketing starts. :0


Guys, has the market bottomed in the end or not yet?
I have to wait a bit more to raise some money to buy more ETN.
I saw this morning that it jumped 12%.
Sure, I want that, but not yet. :smiley:


I want it as low as possible okctober the 1 so i can buy more, so leave some coins for me :slight_smile:


God knows that we’ve got enough coins to buy. The money to buy them with, that’s another subject. :smiley:


And too this forum is going to boom soon - 2222 membres in - I catch it :smiley:


Storm is comming~~~ :slight_smile:


Yes a storm has arrived :wink:


We are in the same boat ! I need to buy another 200K but with previous price LOL.


please help me understand the TA regarding the 2 long red candle wicks in the above screen grab


That’s incredible. I just wanted to buy some ETN and the price rises like crazy. :slight_smile:


Add we are back in TOP100. With 100 sats.:grin:


I bought a bunch not long ago if the price doesn’t rise way to fast I might get some more :thinking: