Its Rhyme time (closed 😒)

Its rhyme time ladies and gents and I have 3 ETN prizes to give away for the 3 best rhymes along with several consolation prizes for the runners up.
All you need to do is create a rhyme that is crypto related and post it here.

1st prize 100,000 ETN
2nd prize 50,000 ETN
3rd prize 25,000 ETN

Plus many prizes of between 100 and 1000 ETN for effort.

Bitcoin is mighty, bitcoin ist strong, but one altcoin will win in the long run.


Removed …



I’ve made some mistakes, all in the past,
I once tried to mine bitcoin, but got confused and I gassed,
So I turned my attention to video games and work,
while watching smart people invest, live the good life, and lurk,
I watched Apple, Microsoft and Amazon go nuts,
while I worked hard labour, and sat on my butt.
Then I found a project I thought had a future,
said ‘‘never again’’ and fired up my computer,
invested quite heavily, in my children’s future.
That they might live a remarkable life,
without financial constraints, suffering and strife.


Some good ones there lads :+1:
2 of them could easily be top prize winners.


My Christmas list consists of just two items, a big bag of crypto and pair of shades but only one crypto makes the grade and that is Electroeum as it puts all the others in the shade as it’s future is so bright i just have to wear shades.


When your unbanked and sitting alone…
no need to worry ,just pick up your phone…
Just start cloud mining with ETN and then Later…
you can Exchange for airtime and Data…
No matter here or there…you can spend ETN everywhere


I could rap, sing a thing to you,

Anything you want crypto if you want to.

Bitcoin, Ether, ETN that just lurks,

And all I say it that Electroneum just works.

The sky is the limit the limit is the sky,

Why cause Monero forked blockchain just makes it’s own patents work.

From mining this to mining that POR,

Charities the thing man it OK.

NGOs to MVOs moving quick to Gig Gurus,

End of year will come quick to be listed on Binance will be sick.

Let’s get down let’s set to it,

We got the best community to get though it!


While the world continues down hill,
There are some who would show good will,
Through exciting new technology,
A positive crypto philosophy.

Open the door to the poor and needy,
But teach them to fish and not to be greedy.
For those who are living in financial despair
Will open their eyes to see crypto is there.

There for the taking and after for earning,
First they start mining and later they’re working.
Of course this brings a smile to all,
Enabling families to be blessed and stand tall.

The tech savvy kiddos, the mothers and fathers,
Now have a way to provide for their daughters.
And this is only the start you know,
Of the blessings that can come from embracing crypto.

Now whether it’s Bitcoin or ETN
Or some other coin or some other plan,
Which will solve all the problems of life on this planet
As long as the governments never can ban it.

The presence of crypto is here to stay,
Blockchain technology is not going away.
So if you are wise, You’d do well to invest
In the world of crypto… Then sit back and rest.



Brilliant :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::sunglasses::grin:


Wow that first prize would be amazing!!! How long do we have to enter? And do we just pm you our entry? @Zero7


You can be at the end of the world but even there Electroneum will be known.
In cave, on the desert you’ll get what you deserve!

You can be wherever you want ETN will find you and reward you.
You can mining, you can trade, in the future you get gain!

Turkey, Brazil and more countries they will be partners.
So If you wanna be rich, don’t waste your time
And start dig, dig dig!



Naysayers come and go,
All say something negative about our Crypto,

Etn is here for the haul,
causing all the fudders to fall!

In the new morn early bright,
Those with Crypto, feel the sunlight

We are an odd breed one and all,
for by the charts our heartbeats rise and fall!

By the end of our long crypto day,
we have educated, created, we are here to stay!

Friendships abound and are plenty you see,
Cause ETN is for EVERYBODY!!!

So spread the word around the world today,
we are here, and here to stay!!!

Much Love,


Each and everyday we transact: we pay.
From Gold to Fiat… both have nearly had there day.

It was 2008 when the economy crashed. From then computers hooked up, to solve Bitcoins cryptographic hash.

Fast forward in time to the year 2017,
A man named Richard Ells was ready to set the scene.

Electroneum was built and was ready to make a splash,
115,000 participants gave up their cash.

$40 million was raised for the cause,
The team set sail, ready to break down walls.

From trials in South Africa and Topups on the phone,
The KYC and bear market, made many people moan.

But Richard and the team never ever curled,
They are here making a difference ready to change the world.

The mobile app is the easiest there can be,
Cloud mine for etn rewards, or Send/Save/Receive.

Soon you’ll be able to spend your crypto everywhere,
Save enough up and you could even become a Millionaire.

This crypto is for everyone, all across Earth.
The community spans from Rainy London, all the way out to Sunny Perth.



To good to be true that’s what they say, but hey give it a try anyway we are here everyday. ETN is here to stay no matter what they say anytime of day rain or shine we are ETN . So give it try what do you say open the app and join us today.


small fintech company from British

my electroneum
In a dark world, there is a small light
In a silent expanse, we all have listened to the melodious strains of electroneum anthem
The eyes light up to what has been rounded locked three arrows

For whom all work and effort
Reportedly there is a reward in the form of heaven and hell in the future
Until fatigue can no longer be felt, until pain can no longer affect
What do they mean by hard work and hard work

Faint music is no longer important to our community, in my heart we have been singing self-whipping songs
we struggle to continue to buy our beloved coins
Against the dark whales who deliberately lowered our prices
without mercy, they crushed their prices like little stones scattered …

There is no doubt to buy again, have no fear, stand on the thorn of the exchange, struggling even though the FUD meteor showered
Our small movement woke up a muzzle of cannons to choose heads against the ground in developing countries
Like our fads, we continue to sow tiredly.

but we are sure, in the future all will be paid
crawling for the sake of crawling with development and revolution
will slowly fill the crypto space which is full of thorn manipulation
electroneum community three arrows we can do it
and change the world.


It’s coming…!!! It’s coming…!!! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:
Blockchain is the next big thing ,
after the Internet and artificial intelligence (AI) :earth_africa::earth_asia::globe_with_meridians:
Neither crypto nor blockchain going to disappear.
And here comes Electroneum (ETN) ,the king of Alts, whom nobody can stop it from mass adoption.:rocket::rocket::fire
ETN is a digital asset more than currency. ::rainbow:

Banks are already in huge debt of NPA
Banks are a scam. The entire banking system is a fraud.
Real money is Gold, Silver, and other precious metals which have limited supply.

If you can keep a paper wallet to yourself safe. :musical_note:
Keep copy print of the QR code and Address and keep it in safe places.
Very Easy and not dependable on Exchange or wallets. :footprints:

A dip is like a beautiful red rose, when you touch it you have a chance to multiply your
portfolio. :weight_lifting_man::weight_lifting_man:
ETN has taught me how your patience pays off.-----. :superhero::woman_superhero:

ETN actually has the balance AND incentives right,
and that is why it is starting to take off :love_you_gesture::wave::wave:

Of course… !!!
It will touch all-time high -----:globe_with_meridians::rocket::rocket:


Challenge accepted!

More from me later, although I’m really better at putting ETN logos on digital race cars. :nerd_face:

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Ok, here we go. Rough draft and I’ll need more time at work (while not working) to do the whole song. (If I do the whole song. :thinking: )

The tune goes along to EMF’s “Unbelievable”, but more in line with TFK’s cover with the more upbeat positive feel. (Video below.) Enjoy! :grin:

Picking up at the “freestyle” breakdown towards the end:



The things you say, (Ells)
I have to trade all my fiat away…
The things you say, (Ells)
You’re unbelievable!
ETN’s so unbelievable!


Check it out, Check it out,
Stepped on the scene, two thousand-seventeen,
So fresh, so clean, kick it like ya never seen,
Mass adoption, slick mobile phone based,
In debt, no access to banks, it’s been erased.
Out to change the globe we,
First South Africa, Brazil, ‘n’ Turkey,
Mart Uganda, reppin it on the streets see,
Hairstylin, spazzas, wrenching and Taxis,
Much love from web crowd community,
On a mission now,
Gettin’ the unbanked involved, wow!
Fightin FUD, holdin’ like three arrows,
Over 3 million peeps strong, we let it grow
Proof of ‘sponsibility, gettin’ done with NGOs,
Man for real though,
Life change with Any Tasks, earning straight dough.


The things you say, (Ells)
I have to trade all my fiat away…
The things you say, (Ells)
You’re unbelievable!.. ETN’s so unbelievable!

Start at 1:42 for backing music to this section, or listen to the whole thing.

Maybe we can use Any Tasks to have someone in the target market produce some of these rhymes? :thinking:


Once there was a currency named DOLLA’
It was the playtoy for the men with the COLLA’
But then they crossed the line
By takin’ what was mine
And now ETN is the currency for us ALL-YA’

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