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These things here have worked for me
and still some things are yet to be but if you’re wise and see it through these things here can work for you.

This is my way of helping the Etn project by keeping people positive and focused. Years ago I wrote this book for my adult students to help them get their wants. The following link is the free pdf download. I hope you find it just as useful

And if you like it a lot then here’s my wallet address.


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Heey @Julianna thanks for that i will definitely read it when i can :blush: :+1:


Excellent, and that was fast. I just posted it. And discovered at the same time how to expand the post. Lol :smile: It takes about an hour to read right through. And then do the section that is most important


I think i will read it before i will go to sleep :thinking: and yeah im sadly kinda addicted to this forum and really like to help people :yum:


Mr Crypto is also giving out 10etn to first 10 people. He has 40 etn left heres the link Mr.CryptoCZ


This video helps realign the spine and is good for back, shoulder and neck pain (as well helps RSI, OOS, and tennis elbow), I did it daily until pain subsided, now I do it when I feel like it about once a week. I’m happy to answer any questions and show you how to do this properly if you want.

This is also a good exercise for early prevention


Me too ADDICTED here i wish that everybody will be here active like TOP7 and sharing more LOVE - some people dont use LIKES and i like everything :smiley:
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I think the top people are all addicted to ETN @Mr.CryptoCZ :yum:


Thank you! Very Very Interesting! I’m going to do this Lian Gong for my long term Injury and will be sure to let you know how i get on.


Here’s a link to help new people created by Cryptomaniac he set up a website for beginners to crypto and included ETN


My gift to you is a teeny piece of New Zealand in the spring

Have a great day everyone… “Be happy, don’t worry”… Easier sung then done lol


Have a good day @Julianna to you also! :blush:


Here’s a couple of etn songs … I have some good dance steps for lol :smile: see below post link


Also, Something easy and fun to do in the weekend. Easy, fun and free partner dance lessons

Have a wonderful weekend all