It would be lovely

It would be awesome if ETN would moon shot over 50 cent that way everyone would be in the green who bought in around 19 cents

At 50 cents I think I would be the richest I’ve ever been in my life . I don’t have that many either so yeah that would be fantastic…

We will rise above the rest !!

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I think 10c would be great for now. Then hopefully when a telecom company comes onboard who knows what our price could be. We could easily be 5$ within 2 months of that going live and then with mass advertisement we could double / triple that price. Especially if s major western world telecom company wishes to integrate etn then the world is outlet oyster :joy:

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When that happens we will see people who previously hated Electroneum just adore it. They only show up when the numers are pleasing.


I know right … I bought in at 2.5 cents and more at 0.5 cents but etn has always been undervalued actually your videos got me on board and I’ve loved etn every sense , but yeah when it happens the bandwagoners will one out of the wood works