Issue with yoti and Know how about vendor account


Hello all
Greetings from me.
I am having issue with yoti,they are very lazy to their job.There application is worst amongst I have ever seen,though they come to help ,but there help is worthless and only waistage of time,I had faced multiple problems, like

  1. When I installed app,there is was only 1 option visible prove identity and that was paspport, though I had heard there are 2 options available.
  2. When I am getting verified then it shows
    No internet connection try again
    And the same repeats several times
    I uninstalled and install again and again but problem was same.

Regarding vendor account ,
If I am going to use etn as payment gateway what I had to give my web developers ,so that the function will work
Thanks all


Yo estoy en lo mismo. Cuando trato de verificar mi número de celular con la aplicación yoti nunca me llegó el código de verificación. En la comunidad de electroneum dice que debo escanear el código QR desde mi perfil cuando lo hago me sale error. Y aquí me encuentro estancado sin poder completar el nivel 2. Puede alguien ayudarme