ISS POS With Electroneum Instant Payment System

Mohamed Afifi’s instant payment video actually shows ETN Instant Pay being integrated into a POS system that is used by THOUSANDS of Egyptian retailers.

This is PROOF that ETN could be used as a form of payment in ANY STORE IN THE WORLD.

That’s right – anyone, anywhere could pay in ETN.

Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

And yet, very real.

See his video HERE:

We love seeing ETN take forms in various businesses and how it reflects the potential ETN has globally in all vocations of life- What would you like to see more of in these videos? More from the people themselves? The system of process? Why they chose to integrate ETN? Or how they think it can positively affect their business? We want to hear from YOU.

Don’t forget to send us your videos if you’re beta-testing our Instant Payment system! We’ll share them here and on Social Media…

See the original Reddit Post here:


Thank you so much. I did not notice this “video category” before!


Great to see Electroneum spreads worldwide more and more
I believe Instant Payment System will go viral after Electroneum team start marketing

I’m from Egypt and I’m so glad to see ETN being adopted here :heart_eyes:

Thanks Mohamed for this video …
Waiting to see ETN used as a payment method in public stores here … This will be huge

ϟ ETN to Mass Adoption :zap:


One of the best looking interfaces @MohamedAfifi so far, looking forward to other members of this great community showing us their coding and integration skills. Lets see some apple products Ladies and Gents.



Thank you very much sir. Glad you liked it. Can’t wait to see ETN everywhere!


Not in the distant future … !ETN%20ACCEPTED%20v2


Hi @ImogenD,
The link to this post is broken on the last Facebook post. I mean this one:


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Is there an official instruction guide on how to setup etn in POS systems? I have a friend who owns a coffeehouse in VA and wants to integrate ETN payments. Cheers!

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Hi Greg,

All the information can be found here:

For specific setup and guidance you can always reach out to @The_Egg_Man


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Thanks Mike. I will revisit this article. I didn’t realize it spoke on setting up POS systems as well.


If using an ePOS (traditional retail point-of-sale), you can simply display the payment string as a QR code for the customer to scan using the Electroneum app on their mobile device. You can do this dynamically or via a third party like Google Charts QR Code .

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I wouldn’t recommend using the google QR API as its deprecated.

Perhaps find a library so you can generate yourself or find another supported provider.

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Thanks @BegaMutex and @MSystem
I know he is interested in ringing up some coffee, food, etc, and the total generated into a qrc so the customer can scan with the app. I have implemented similar in my woocommerce site with the plugin, but as far as in a brick and mortar retail situation with a pos system, I haven’t tried this yet.

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This is great! Please keep us posted on how it goes.

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