Isn't it a good idea?


I think we should have an officials on this community to be buying electroneums for individual that can’t go through those processes


Nice thought but as soon as there is money involved it would need to be regulated like an exchange which we may have one day but don’t think it will anytime soon. :slight_smile:


Alright, it would help me personally since I intend to get some few but don’t know how so depending on mining


If u can help me just a favor, on 26th September I will get some 30$ want to send it to you as bitcoin so u can use it to buy for me, if it’s possible


Someone here maybe able to help out but I personally don’t do deals like this. Sorry about that and nothing personal just don’t like to mix business deals online. :wink: best of luck to you.


That’s is okay ,but do u know if it’s possible to use mobile phone to buy ETN and which exchange? ?