ISLAND LIFE...... (Affordable Living)




We have had discussions over possible venues for an Electroneum Shindig.
This has potential!


You can get vanuatu citizenship with bitcoin.


Im sure!
The “Barter” system works very nicely up there.
Seriously the currency was Cowrie shells for many centuries.
Pigs will get you through most “closed doors”!


Oh gees, you found our ETN island Pahini! We’ll all pitch in and it can be our retreat! Love it :blue_heart::chipmunk::purple_heart::chipmunk::blue_heart::chipmunk:


Thats a steal really.
Its only six Lamborghinis!


Looking for a getaway.
Heaven on earth.
This paradise is in the middle of the pacific ocean.


Oooooo I’d have that …

We all chip in buy it fix it up add holiday homes and bingo our own timeshare lol but with zero hidden extras…

Then when completed we all meet up to Christen the island …

Electro the island of peace and tranquility.


Paaarrrttttaaaayyyy hahaha


Subbed !!
hello @Emmanuel , look forward to more videos !!!


Replying to you by Email apparently gets a badge so Mr crypto Cz says .so heres the experiment!!


I read about that in the other thread… must be something wrong with me, I still don’t get it :exploding_head: I get blockchain, I get crypto but this email badge thing is going way over my head haha :joy:


Find this post in your email , reply to it as you would a normal email , you get the badge.
You get notifications if you have it switched on in your user settings.
If its swiched on and you don recieve notifications its probably going to your spam box!


I’d need a Chainsaw and some Petrol to take care of them sun blockers before the party started.


@Cosmicrypto just follow the email link from the @ that I just sent you in your email and reply from there. :sunglasses::+1: