Is Wirex coming !?


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A new token is coming to wirex.
Pay attention to the bit about a unique crypto that address hurdles…

Why I think it’s etn


Thanks for sharing. Sounds a lot like it could be ETN. Both Chris and Richard follow them and Wirex liked the users tweet about Electroneum. All very promising stuff!


Very possible…the Digibyte folks are all over that post. But ETN makes the most sense


While I really appreciate your theory and the dot connecting techniques, it does make sense to think there is more than meets the eye. However, I do not believe it is coming. LinkedIn connections are great but they stretch way too far to be used as an indicator of a imminent partnership. This is not to say that at some point in the future this would not become a partnership.

There is however something BIG coming Steve, and it will be unveiled at the MWC19.

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We talking ‘Verge - BIGGEST deal in crypto’ big or mobile innovation big? :wink:


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With the Mormon Tabernacle Choir doing
1812 Overture With cannons BIG.

Seriously, youve seen the quality of work @MSystem has been producing (TEAM)((so I dont get in trouble again))

When they say BIG its not free hats and stubby coolers big…its really BIG.


How big is big, Will it be Jio big?


Wirex said a token was coming so I don’t think it’s ETN as ETN is a coin (yes, there’s a difference :wink: )


February is years away! :joy: I’m losing sleep over this :wink::flushed:
Can’t wait!!
Thanks for clearing that up @MSystem and @Corentin


Or did they … Smoke and mirrors muhahahha … hahahaha let’s all hibernate until Feb 23rd … have a days coffee binge then sit in front of p.c screen for 3 days straight lol


Electroneum is referred to as an exchange token in the Terms and Conditions found in the mobile miner.


That said, I don’t have an opinion on the Wirex speculation.


If that isn’t the biggest edit mistake I’ve seen…I don’t know what is. /facepalm

As much as I’d love to believe ETN is the Wirex subject, I’m just assuming it is not so I’m not disappointed when they choose ETC


Is it a mistake? They specifically call it a token three times on that one screenshot.


Excuse me, token is mentioned four times.


Going by the definition of a token, yes it is a mistake. In basic terms, a token is a project using another blockchain (like projects using ERC20 on the Ethereum network). A coin is a project on its’ own blockchain. All tokens are coins, but not all coins are tokens. The difference is subtle, but distinct.


I just wonder if token was used because of potential legal ramifications caused from labeling ETN a coin. As we know, the lawyers have been driving many decisions to ensure deals can be made with corporate partners.


I’d really like this to be clarified at some point by the ETN team.


I’m not sure how the terminology would matter…but if it is a legal issue calling ETN a coin, then I will happily call ETN a token all day long. Ultimately it really doesn’t matter. But yes, lawyers are strange creatures with their terminology and definitions.