Is this news right?


To celebrate #Electroneum reaching 2.5Million Registered Users :champagne:, we’re offering 50% 𝗢𝗙𝗙 our introductory course: “Cryptocurrencies: A Brief Overview” if purchased with ETN, BTC or LTC!
Got the basics down already, you say? Then why not GIFT it? :heart:


What news specifically are you referring to (or is this more marketing)?

Electroneum Academy, is not part of the Electroneum Limited (ETN coin) company nor are they officially affiliated or connected in any way.

That tweet you linked is also not an officium Electroneum Limited company Twitter account.

To be fair, I would add… That’s not to say Electroneum Academy is not legitimate in its own right - but that “news” is just a marketing tweet to entice people to buy their course service - it’s not “news” as such.

I’ve never used ETN Academy, but I’ve also never read anything bad about them.


Do you believe this is the best market to approach? We all buy cryptos so is like trying to sell ice to Eskimos.

Maybe solicit people who want the course gifted to them but can’t afford it. I’d buy for such a person.


Your answer is fair and moreover since it’s about electroneum you can try it


@Latroy - I believe it is a good Crypto to base their service on.

  1. it uses mobile, so their users can easily get started owning coins without having to deal with desktop or CLI wallets, or multiple keys or multiple passwords
  2. their market can own coins mobile mining, so the immediate jump into an exchange to purchase and get started owning something Crypto (which might dissuade course purchase) can be delayed without causing an impasse in course progress (i.e. transacting)
  3. like us, the academy probably strongly believe in ETNs future and they are safe knowing ETN won’t turn into some nightmare exit
  4. ETNs large userbase gives the academy a large potential market covering millions with little social media content creation
  5. if their market consider buying on exchanges, they can own lots of coins due to current low cost, which is probably more appealing to get involved.

There is undoubtedly a little piggy-backing on Electroneum’s route/ model by the academy, but no harm in that. They made a good choice and are working with its benefits.

They will have to give me a guest pass, I sound like an affiliate talking them up, for clarity I am not in any way affiliated. :grinning: But I see them as having a benefit to ETN. I’ve seen them on Reddit and they seem mild mannered.

They probably do reach a certain less technically proficient group too and they are hopefully doing a good job further marketing Electroneum and ETN, whose completely newbie students will likely further recommend ETN to their own non technical friends, family, co-workers.


Thanks @Emmanuel, as I say, I see Electroneum Academy as having some benefit to ETN also and from what little I observe, they seem like decent official advocates of Electroneum.


Yes, I agree with all that. I’m not saying they shouldn’t market here, I’m saying they should target a particular group.

The people who can buy the course prob don’t need it. There are prob people on here who want the course but can’t afford it.

They should target those people who want to get the course gifted to them. Just sells advice.


I imagine if they cover the CLI wallet, there are lots even here who would benefit from it.

And of course we don’t know the extent of their marketing.

But I agree with you, hopefully ETN Academy are reaching far and wide as it’s free marketing for Electroneum also, with benefits them and us.