Is This A Scam Email?

Just received this… looks like a scam to me - can anyone confirm?

The email format and address looks legit. (but cant be sure from the screenshot)

I suggest you change your password for both your ETN account and your email…adding 2factor to the yahoo account if available. (and i would do all of this from another computer to be extra safe).


Yes it seems like one of those!!!

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Hi @BegaMutex. I have changed my email PW. I have tried logging in to my electroneum support account and it is not recognising my password. I have requested a password change and it states it has immediately sent me an email but I don’t receive it?

When you get it confirmed it will be nice of you to put it up in this thread so more people can read and learn about scammers if it is…

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Love the new approval before comments are posted.

Hopefully will prevent fudders from posting misleading information.

I have changed both my electroneum and email passwords but still, when trying to login to the etn support site I have requested a new password request email, which it states it has been sent but I do not receive it.

How do I contact/escalate the support logging in problem?

Would it possible to have a custom greeting which you set in your profile for password and pin resets as an additional verification layer before password/pin reset email is sent??

Your Electroneum account and the support account are different accounts that require different passwords I believe, make sure you’re not mixing them up

i am not sure so i can’t answer that

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Nope, not mixing them up. It is the support password that is not being recognised. I have tried to reset this password but the email that is meant to be sent immediately sent to my email address is not being sent to my email address. Does anyone know of any other way that I can reach out to the support team to discuss this?