Is this a camouflage?


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I have taken part yet still the winners are not known is it something legit or just for fun
And when the winners would be announced?
Thank You


It is legit and many people have been awarded coins.
Unfortunately not everyone can be a winner.
If you missed out I’ll send you some .


Most people received a payout, including myself so it’s definitely legitimate.


I always miss the boat! BUT will keep trying? :slight_smile:


Actually I don’t win
But you want to send me some then
Thank in advance


My electroneum Address



Lol anyway that’s just by the way


Three times, despite my request at different times, I did not receive the prize. looks randomly distributed


I only wanna find out if it’s real now it’s, but it’s perfectly okay if you don’t win it’s just a game lucky next time


Yeah. Really, the prize was distributed. No more than 15 November. I didn’t get an award, but he was a friend. I hope we get another prize now.


Lol I’m not worried, atleast I have some and that’s rule of the game


Maybe we should take our chances. can be a few awards :grinning::grinning::joy:



Yes yes yes I’m sure Richard will definitely rewards us
And some few sympathizers are really helping


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