Is there any limitation or banning accounts in future for some territories?

Pleas everyone knows answer me! Especially dear admins!

Is there any banning or warning to ban some accounts in some countries? (At this moment or in future)
According to the latest email from Richard that he emphasized “we’ll ensure that no legitimate user is locked out from their ETN. KYC is nothing to worry about (assuming you are not laundering money!) and we are making it as easy as possible.” Is it possibility to ban some people for example from Iran?

Why would anyone want to do that? Surely mass adoption includes everyone.

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Are you sure about that?
It’s a big worries of mine in recent days!

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I would wonder why Electroneum would ban anyone from using ETN unless it was for money laundering of course, it wouldn’t make sense especially with KYC coming into effect. Your particular country my have issues with crypto depending where you are in the world, but your financial business is your own. The team are quite open and trustworthy you should have no worries regarding anything that is officially announced.

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Many thanks my mate!
Are you a team member of ETN?

No, I just love the project and this community. You can learn a lot here, I do daily. Have a great day!

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It’s a great question. If ETN becomes a world currency this will inevitably come up. Where is the line beyond which Electroneum will have to bow to political whims. I hope Richard Ells at least touches on this next week!