Is there a Woocommerce plugin available?

Has someone been able to develop a Woocommerce plugin (or a plugin for some other payment system)?

Would be great to be able to only install a plugin and have it do all the heavy lifting.

There’s a WooCommerce plugin on ETN GitHub but it’s not built to work with the IPS, I’m not aware of one rn (I’m not in the team :wink:) but I think some people from the community might try to create their own or something like this

Thank you.

That plugin is not based on the instant payments system. It either scans the block explorer for new transactions or allows the vendor to run a full node on their server, and then check for incoming transactions that way. I’ve tried it out on another website that implement it, and there was a very long wait until the purchased finally went through.

The instant payments system will be much more user-friendly. Having a Woocommerce plugin based on the API as described here will be way better.

If no one has done it, I’ll try to develop one myself once the API goes live.


Thanks Benjaminoo. Are you the brother that officially created the woo commerce plugin?

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