Is there a tipping Chrome plugin for ETN?


RedCoin has a Chrome plugin for tipping. Is there anything like this for Electronium? I think this is a great idea. Are there any plans for a tipping Chrome plugin or WordPress plugin?


Yes this is a really good idea and an obvious one I had not thought of myself, Im pretty sure we don’t have any plugins for tipping but because of the nature of Electroneum and its API don’t quote me on this but it should be pretty simple to make into a plugin just need to get someone to make it.

I can’t say for sure because I have hardly any coding knowledge but ETN is designed to be easy to integrate into most systems.


BitTube has a browser extention (going live in a few weeks but you can download and use the open beta version for chrome/brave now) that adds the ability to tip in TUBE on all the major social media sites or websites directly. It is absolutely genious and would love to see ETN do something similar.

I dont want to advertise another coin here as ETN is my #1 coin, but if you are interested in seeing tube’s extenion, DM me and I will send you my referal link so you get 5 free tube for installing and registering. Great stuff coming from both these platforms.