Is support down?

Been trying to send a support ticket but when logging in I get this message:

Invalid authenticity token

Worked fine until today.

It could be an issue with using a VPN or perhaps some browser/anti virus shields may be causing an issue, I’d try adjusting those and seeing if it works on any other browser you may have.

Get back when you can with results and we’ll see from there.

I’m not using a VPN and nothing has changed since I last logged in. Still can’t log in today but I was able to send a message using “help” at the bottom right. I don’t like sending ETN support messages as I know they have a lot to get through but it was important.

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I’m not entirely sure in that case what would be causing that. I am just seeing if I can see what causes that error in general on support desk, this was one explanation.


This error is most commonly seen when url redirects are being blocked by the browser or a browser extension.


Update the browser or any privacy blocking extensions to always allow " "

Let’s try that, see if it works.

Here’s a thread on Zendesk, same platform about that issue updated by someone
a week ago that will have some options too. Last post.

Hopefully this will resolve the issue for you if not we’ll definitely get you sorted

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