Is it time for 2fa authenticator?

If you’re thinking in the form of a keyfob code generator, then yes, that would also work. Not as well as a hardware key, but a decent compromise.

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I would find it kinda cool to have a little Electroneum code generator on my keychain :thinking:


Could be a neat talking point!

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The wallet is very secure! Best security wallet out there atm. Google authenticator would lead to many support tickets of people getting locked out not familiar to use it correctly. Facebook login using google authenticator works.

I personally still don’t like google authenticator so i wouldn’t want that on my account :roll_eyes:

Well. Running a business like this demands that you have a support. Besides 2FA should be optional, not mandatory.

I see 2FA as good when logging in on web or the app first time. But when spending a 5 digit pin is good enough.

Tbo. The way the login is now is not secure enough.

Yes I safeguard my email address with 2FA but it’s to our advantage if Electroneum have that feature.

I agree with @PHXInvestors on the code generator on a keychain idea

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I would like to see a higher security protocol then current pin system. Most noobish exchanges offer like 3 or 4 different ways of security, sms or 2fa with 3th party. I just dont see why it is so difficult for electroneum to offer different forms of 2fa.


That is what I consider as the most secure way :+1:

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