Is it time for 2fa authenticator?


Is it time for 2fa authenticator? Could use google auth. That be a cool partnership. Any thoughts ?


I think we need for sure 2FA Authentication and Google will be the best.


I personally am not a fan of google authenticator it never works properly with me but i would like to see 2fa that sends a code to my phone or email or maybe an ETN device that you have with you that you can hang on your keychain or something that would be cool to :thinking:


Yes, this’s the most secure way and many well known sites do this, Coinbase , Banks, Amazon, Google, so why we do not have it since is approved by all big players ?


Simply because everything in its time. ETN Team can not do everything in one go. We on our side can suggest it and wait for them to make it happen. :slight_smile:


It’d be a great thing and make me feel a lot more comfortable.
As for method, not too picky. Kucoin uses Google, Coinbase sends me a text with a code. Mind you, both of those get sent to the phone where my Electroneum app is installed on …


The thing is we need extra security now when invested so much money & we need to have secure place to store them now in order to feel safe :roll_eyes:


Send some to offline wallets. You can have as many of those as you want.


I do not like offline wallets as I found difficult to bring the coin back form paper :confused:


Activate Facebook login and active google 2FA in Facebook is an option and don’t use your email/password login method anymore


Im trying to prevent sharing info with facebook incase they get hacked. But ya that could work good suggestion.


No no no, a million times no. Sending a 2FA code to a phone is not secure! It’s very easy to get around via SIM Jacking. These attacks have been on the rise lately.


Yeah ok you are right @Satsukeshi :thinking: i know for sure that the ETN team is working on great 2fa ways towards the future what you think?


I would recommend Authy.

  • Sync across devices
  • Password protected
  • Pincode or biometics to access the tokens (codes)


In my opinion, an ideal form of 2FA is in the form of Hardware Keys (e.g. Yubikey)

@ETNCEO This is a very robust form of authentication. It can also be implemented alongside Google Mobile Authentication, via Google’s API.


Actually, the option to just need to login by clicking “ok” in that app is the safest. No need to enter 6-digit tokens and a possible man-in-the-middle attack would be avoided.


i would like to have something like an ETN key Generator or some sort :thinking:


Actually, Google’s Mobile Authenticator is pretty resilient to man in the middle attacks; someone has to gather many keys over time in order to ‘guess’ what another key is at a different point in time.


Certainly it’s possible for Electroneum to bake their own authentication plugin into the mobile app, and require a code from the Mobile app for accessing the Web wallet. Unfortunately, that option is only as secure as the phone itself.


Yeah but maybe they can do something extra like an ETN device that gives you another code?