Is it easy to sell ETN?


Hi everyone, I see a lot of people accepting ETN payments.
We are considering this too for our business, we sell cross border mobile PAYG airtime top ups (about 900 mobile operators connected to us).
I am trying to convince our CFO that this is a good idea, but… he says we will end up holding a lot of ETN we cannot exchange back to GBP (our supplies only accept GBP currency). I don’t want to have to do a double exchange (for example ETN>BTC>GBP) as our margins wont cover that.

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance

#2 would likely be the best option.

ETN->EUR pairing (or ETN->BTC->EUR until volume picks up more), great API, regulated and the safest exchange on the market with one of the highest (if not the highest) crypto->fiat trading volumes.

Liquid has ALOT of things coming up this year which will build volume and growth…so definitely one to look into.


@BegaMutex thank you, great reply, I will check them out.


Question for everyone please:

In your experience, how quick is it to receive your FIAT currency after you sell your ETN?
Thanking you in advance


Coinbase, United States based exchange, takes few hours to withdraw fiat into linked bank account.


Good timing…Liquid will add GBP fiat soon, see video just posted from their team at 6:09


Try reaching out to the team. I think they have solutions for this in place.


No problem. Feel free to PM me if you have any more specific questions.