Is it correct that ETN is on Rank #176?

Hi, everyone I have not been for so long on the forum & have not checked the situation on exchanges, I can not believe that after so many exciting accomplishments that ETN has recently done I see it on Rank #176 and continuously falling??!!

Can anyone confirm the rank as maybe the CMC made some kind of error?
I mean Anytask is so successful & advertised all over the USA, then so many top-ups going through the ETN blockchain, Electricity also ETN has etneverywhere program, what is more we are not any new project like 100 of others but over 3 years under successful management? So surely CMC must be wrong, can anyone shed the light on this, please.

There is one more interesting thing that I found after looking up the forum, there are new moderators ok, but what has happened to the old stuff? like Megamutex & others?

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I must be getting old for always forgetting to ask all questions, as I recall some over 9month ego ETN applied for Ledger integration & recently I have seen that Ledger included so many new projects to its wallet so the question is do we have integration with Ledger? I hope the answer is yes especially after 3 years’ time community deserves decent protection?

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again my old age comes into play, yes there is another question namely las year I heard from ETN that we are close to getting official acces to USA exchanges, did we get it?

I feel like you try to complain in the secret way… project is going well… that is important… step by step we moving forward… rest hopefully will come with time

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No,no,no hell no I do not complain I would not dare to, I only ask questions as I have not been on the forum for long time & did not fallow the crypto space that closely as I wish.
Once again & to clarify I do not complain as I do not wish to be banned again, please do not get me wrong.

Hey welcome back long time no see,
You are correct we are rank 176 or something.
CMC only ranks marketcap, not success or capabilities etc.

Theres still few of those mods left, but the man Who did amazing videos etc i havent seen for some time.

Ledger no idea, from what ive been told ledger team had big backlog and had to somewhat halt progress due to covid, but idk. Seems suspicious it takes this long… Could also be a bought attack from other project lmao.

Nope no Exchanges, ya know dat paper that only ETN out of 7k cryptos need :rofl:

I understand your concern and dont think u are fuding, i have same concerns.

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Be patience my friend as all good things come to he who waits

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I agree, patience i think boat is very safe

I think to an extent ETN is recieving the Tesla treatments from other msm"companies" / outlets hahah

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Followed the Tesla model in more ways than one especially in the PR department… yes some of us like following the company’s every move, future plans and R&D, but that’s not good for the wider public, They can’t process that information. The wider market is better off being surprised by actual developments.


I was toying with the idea of purchasing tesla before Xmas but instead opted for a lexus.
Its a gem of a car. Nice big V6 engine with 6 cylinders.
Bit heavy on juice but well worth it when you open her up and hear that awesome V6 roar.

My condolences, dear sir…

Hi @MinerETN, I fully understand your point. I actually bought when ETN fall to 0.004 USD a lot of them, and decided to just let it ride. First of all, they accept it in Changelly, so for me that is a major achievement since they do have great service.

However, I agree with you. It is frustrating that BTC goes from 3k to 40k and ETN is stucked at US$1/2. What is even more frustrating as you can see in the above answers is that indeed ETN is such a good cryptocurrency! Fully made of real value. But as anyone with basic Digital Marketing skills know, Cryptocurrencies are still about perception, and ETN really needs to do a lot more of marketing.

So, I have kept my “lot” of ETN because I believe in the project.

Hope you feel that there are more than you that share your ideas.


I guess you meant US¢1/2

Come back in 5 years. Or buy more because you will be outraged if you know that we will never see these values anymore. This is called the accumulation phase, look at many other coins (or companies) and their first 3/4 years. The only thing which was different is that we joined the market in the ICO phase, resulting in a huge pump to the 20c $. People lost interest afterwards. Anyway in the previous months I have multiplied my ETN batch and I will continue as long as we are at this level of price. Don’t be that guy that sold his btc at 20 cents each.

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