Is ETN mineable by others than NGOs?


Somebody says on FB that etn is still mineable also by others than NGOs. AFAIK NGOs are the only miners. Is there a FAQ which explicitly states this i.e. etn is not mineable by the public?

This FAQ says that NGOs are the miners but it doesn’t say they are the only possible miners.


That person on Facebook is mostly mistaken. There has been some mention of adding institutions such as Universities to the validators. I’m not sure if it happened. The thorshammer pools mine something else and pay with etn. As far as I am aware there is no other way. For sure there is no open mining of etn directly.


I am sorry to say mining ETN is no longer available to Joe public.
I used to mine it myself with 2 antminer x3 but they are no longer in use

I’d like to have an official statement;)


Long time ago that was told clearly… only NGO’s can mining ETN

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How about this??

Harrison adds:

"Electroneum will have minimal interference, controlling only those who can mine on the network. This level of safety on the blockchain makes Electroneum more secure than all other decentralised cryptos by moderating the network and enabling early detection of hack attempts to prevent an attack from escalating.”

Etn controls who mines on the blockchain… Only ngo’s …


thanks and 20 squirrels


If he is still running it there is a mining group that mines other coins and converts it to ETN by using an exchange. I can’t remember the name of the group but I was in it for a while.

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Yes I think it was called thors hammer

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Hi @lkelemen

Not sure how technically expert you are in cryptocurrencies, and again, I am no longer part of any project, so I might not give accurate data, however, unless ETN is controlling the nodes that can validate its operations “anyone can mine”, however, what was done when the NGO announcement was shared, is that they increased the difficulty for mining so much, that it would just be “non-valuable” to buy CPUs/GPUs/ASICs to do ETN mining. So, no one would be mining…

But, if you still want to mine… you MUST be a NGO that probably received by donation (or can tax break) the hardware and quite probable the electricity bill. So, all your benefits for mining are 100% gains.

It would be great if someone has first hand information to confirm this, but I think that this “Proof of Responsabilty” if I recall correctly was called, was an amazing approach for ETN.

Everyone can not mine etn i.e. they can not add new transaction blocks to the etn blockchain so they won’t get etn by running a node. Only NGOs can do this. if you run a node you can synchronize only i.e. you copy the blockchain data made by NGOs. There is no “start_mining” command in electroneumd program (v3.3.1.0-release) downloadable by the public from github.

I’m aware of torshammer, I was mining there for a year.

Later I mined eth on (it paid better than thorshammer) and exchanged it to etn.

Now I buy instead every month because my GPU is used for other tasks.

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