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Surely the first sentence of this paragraph is a typo, given the numbers they project, and Final Comment.

Future price predictions of ETN

According to the prediction of Wall Investor, ETN is a bad :thinking: long term investment. By the end of 2019, it is predicted that the value of ETN can be around $0.74. It is expected that by 2020, ETN prices will be stable to some extent and it can be approx. $2.44 in 2023. The predictors assume that one’s $200 investment on ETN in 2020 can be worth of approx. $23,000 in 2023. Other than these, Electroneum has a competent team, a huge community of supporters and thus, it is expected that its number of users will grow considerably in the future.

(I see a lot of typographical errors in news stories anymore, people in such a rush to get a story out.)

I’d be happy with these #s. :+1:

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Imagine being upset with your $200 becoming $23,000 in 4 years… haha.


HaHaHa… there’s bound to be 1 person…


I will be upset if i only invested 200$ lol